The Monday Snapshot – A Girl & Her Dog

I realize that between my family blog and this blog I’ve been posting a lot of dog pictures lately, but it’s a pretty accurate reflection of life around here. Stella is obsessed with throwing the ball for Chief, so every night after work, we end up in the back yard for awhile while she throws the ball over…and over…and over. This usually ends because I’m cold and want to go in to start dinner – which does not make Stella happy. 🙂



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  1. mcmissis · · Reply

    So cute! If our dogs actually chased balls, I’m sure Gracie would do the same. But they don’t, and she hates them :/

  2. Aww beautiful photos of these too pals 🙂 I am glad you and Stella are getting out and enjoying some fresh air every evening. I am sure Stella will be even more excited to get out there once spring truly arrives!

  3. That’s awesome. They seem to really have a bond. You have such a beautiful place. And thank you so much for your comment on my last post. Your reaction is the very reason I wrote that. It means the world to me. Thanks again.

  4. All my little guy wants to do is go outside! “Side! Side!” is the latest chant and even though we’re in TX, it’s still kind of cold. If the dog is outside I have zero chance of changing his mind.

    1. Ya, Stella says “out?! YAH! out?! YAH!” while nodding her head up and down and grinning at us excitedly until we give in and agree to do it.

  5. Awe. I love it! B keeps talking about getting EK a dog. She LOVES them until they even appear to come close to her. She only likes them from afar. 🙂

    1. Ugh, don’t do it. I like our dog okay (and Stella LOVES him), but we also say “f*ing dog” more than any other phrase in our house. He will be our last dog.

  6. Love it! So cute that they are such good friends 🙂

  7. Cute! We had our first incident with our little dog biting Chloe this weekend. Bite might be too harsh of a word, but she did snap at her and left a mark on her arm. Needless to say, the dogs weren’t on our good list this weekend.

  8. Aww! CAN’T WAIT for HGB to get into this. Stella and Chief are quite the dynamic duo! Adorable!

  9. Oh if only my dogs played fetch…they’re more of the tug-o-war type of dogs. I so wish we had a yard to play in….right now I have shared land and my neighbor doesn’t pick up her dog poop….kind of unfriendly for the kid…and my dogs don’t like it much either…Stella looks like she’s having a ball…and so does Chief!

  10. I LOVE the one where she’s on her knees and they’re looking at each other. I think it’s just the sweetest thing when our dogs “care for” our babies. Especially since (at least in our case), Murphy came first and Harriet completely invaded his territory and turned his life around. But he is getting used to her and even starting to like her, against his better judgment. Yesterday she was just resting her head on his back. So special. I’m so proud of our animals (yours, mine, everybody’s) for being so flexible and loving unconditionally. (I think the food the kids throw them probably helps too.)

  11. Chief sure seems to love her! That’s so sweet! I sometimes think I want a dog, but I know I don’t and I know it will never happen! Matthew loves dogs, but they’re too much work for me. ;). He is very jealous of Stella!

  12. This is great! Having a dog is suppose to help with allergies later in life! At least that is what I tell myself because we have 3 in the house with Ava!

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