The Monday Snapshot – Easter Throwback


What an awesome Easter holiday – all about church and family, and not so much about consumerism and the Easter Bunny. We actually meant to do the egg hunt for the fun of it, but she was napping, and you know there is no way I was going to wake a sleeping baby. 

So much and so little has changed in one year!

For more about our awesome Easter day, click here!


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  1. Gorgeous family and I LOVE her Easter dress!

  2. You guys are such a beautiful family! I absolutely adore Stella’s dress! She’s such a little lady!

    Growing up my very favorite holiday was Easter, but, not being religious or brought up in a religious family, it was for all the secular reasons. Now that we’re here in Spain where Easter is ONLY about family and church, I’m learning to love the holiday in a different way. Still no mass for us, but we did enjoy a wonderful family walk and then made the traditional Spanish Easter bread treat. A day for being together, to be sure. Glad yours was so great!

    1. That’s kind of fun to learn about a whole different set of reasons to celebrate a holiday. 🙂 I definitely grew up with the Easter bunny and Easter baskets and all of that alongside of our religious beliefs and traditions – it’s not like I’m against it by any means! We have just been trying to take a step back from all of the “gifts gifts gifts” mentality that has taken over every single holiday thanks to lot of big bucks being spent by advertisers. It’s much less stressful and more meaningful (to me) when the focus of the day is about spending time together with family and friends and giving thanks to God. Back to the basics, or something like that. *grin*

      1. I agree completely. And even when we do go the “consumeristic way” it’s so important to make it more about the experience. When I think back to what I loved about Easter growing up it wasn’t the actual toys or candy, it was the egg dying and the hunt for our baskets (ours was always a clue-based scavenger hunt) and all that. THOSE are the memories worth making!

  3. How fun to see the pics from last year and this year. Stella looks like she loves her Easter dress. So pretty!

  4. Beautiful photos of your gorgeous family! 🙂 I love Stella’s dress! She is such a pretty little thing… both last year and now.

    We had a similar Easter in forgetting about the consumerism side of it and instead just had a nice brunch being offered at a local hotel with our little family plus my parents. My mum gave Lids her first chocolate bunny (which I’ll be eating and offering her a nibble) and that was that. Next year we will start to add things like painting eggs and crafts for fun as Lids gets interested in those things… but I really don’t understand the idea of Christmas amounts of gifts for Easter… and heck, most holidays these days!! So different to what I grew up with!

  5. Look how absolutely perfect! Adorable little family then… and now!!!! So glad y’all had a good weekend! Sweet Stella looked perfect!

  6. Stella’s face looks very similar still! She was already a tiny version of herself back then! We did Easter Bunny stuff, but they each only got two small gifts in their baskets. I almost gagged at the pic a fb friend, not a real life friend, posted the night before of her twins’ loot. We literally got them less stuff for Christmas! Combined!

  7. Such a big girl! And such a beautiful dress!! Happy Easter!

  8. This is a great comparison from a year ago. I love your family portraits. I wish Babe would agree to those, but he’s nearly adamant about not doing them. He never did those kind of things as a kid. We didn’t really do gifts this year either. My mom bought a couple of Easter themed books and we dyed eggs, but it really was a day spent with family. My parents did an elaborate egg hunt for my nephews, but a bit too sophisticated for Raegan just yet. At Mass, the pastor talked about the symbol of the bunny being so appropriate for Easter as it is a symbol of new beginnings and ironically fertility. So a little bunny is OK for me 🙂 But family and celebrating the entire basis for my Catholic Christian faith was definitely our main focus!

  9. Miss Mac · · Reply

    I’m remembering our Easter last year and how tired we were lol. Well, we still don’t sleep through the night here so I’m still tired but it’s not nearly what it was a year ago. Precious little lady and a great day for sure! Work, boo:[

  10. Beautiful dress! Love the comparison shots.

  11. LOVE her dress! Amazing what a difference a year makes, isn’t it! Such a big girl already *sigh* Um, am I the only one who is going to ask this? Is C wearing the same shirt both years? Because that is totally something my husband would do, lol 😉

    1. He totally is. 🙂 And I almost wore the same dress! You can tell we don’t get dressed up often. 🙂

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