Weekly Wednesday Weigh-In

Weekly Wednesday Weigh-In: 5 Weeks Postpartum-Starting Weight: 5’8″ and 172.9# / BMI 26.3
-Last Week’s Weight: 163.7#
-Current Weight: 164.1#
-Goal Weight: 152.0#

Avg Daily Steps – 7,700 (goal was 7,000/day)
Avg Daily Calories – 1,513
# Floors Climbed – 82 (goal was 150)

GAH. Okay, so I forgot to wear my FitBit from 8am-1pm last Friday and again yesterday ALL DAY (8am-6pm), so I had to guess on my average daily steps a bit. As for cals, I completely fell off the wagon on tracking my food/alcohol over the weekend (snowboarding all day Saturday followed by a birthday party and then Easter on Sunday with the fam). I’m sure I went over on cals, but hopefully not by too terribly much – I was really active both days at least. It’s more clear to me than ever though that this is mainly about food for me. I NEED to be mindful about what I eat/drink if I want to continue to lose weight.

Goals for this coming week:

Average Daily Steps – 8,000/day – My 2 blog friends on my Fitbit rankings keep kicking my ass (they’re at 9,300 and 9,800 daily averages right now). Time for me to step up my game!

Average Calorie Deficit – 750/day (which would equate to 1.5#/week). MUST TRACK EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Total # Floors Climbed – 100. Keeping this realistic – I’d rather focus on healthy eating this week.

Weekly Tip:

Don’t be afraid of odd (healthy) food combinations and substitutions! My friend’s Mom posted this the other day about unlikely pairings of foods (this is a sweet potato recipe recipe that I’ve been meaning to try since I saw it on The Biggest Loser!). It’s great to think of healthy food alternatives to use in recipes (like sweet potatoes instead of regular potatoes, greek yogurt instead of sour cream, applesauce instead of oil, etc) and it reminded me of another odd combination of ingredients that my former boss used to eat and got me hooked on.

1/4 – 1/2 red bell pepper, raw (diced)
1 large egg, hard boiled (sliced)
1.33 oz avocado, raw
3/4 c. cottage cheese (2%)
fresh ground pepper

I basically throw everything into a cereal bowl and mix it all together, and voila (!), instant delicious meal with only 300 calories and a good mix of carbs/fat/protein. I’ve been eating it for either breakfast or lunch for the past week – the protein really helps me to feel full longer and cut down on snacking.


  1. That recipe sounds so yummy! I have been eating cottage cheese everyday! I’ve been meaning to boil eggs too!

    I bet your body burned more cals snowboarding than you are and your body is in recovery. 🙂

    What’s your mfp name again? I’ve been doing it since Evers birth, I should follow you!

    1. Yeah, snowboarding is definitely a great workout! Hoping to get one more day in this weekend before the mountain closes. That would mean I got 5 days in this winter (once a month). Not bad for having a toddler at home and no pass for the mountain.

      My MFP is _josey_ — I’d love to follow you!

      1. I’m trying to figure out how to add you from my app. Mine is lanie120 if you can figure it out before I can! 😉

        5 times is definitely great for having a 1 year old! Since we live further from the mountains and don’t usually get a pass, 5 times would be a great year for us!

  2. mcmissis · · Reply

    Have you ever “baked” your hard boiled eggs? I saw on it Pinterest and did it over the weekend for our Easter dying eggs. It worked, but we obv didn’t eat them so I don’t know if they taste different. I chose to do it that way so I could throw them in the oven and forget about it rather than dealing with stove-top cooking with two rug rats at my feet 🙂

    1. The same boss actually gave me one of these – http://www.amazon.com/Cuisinart-CEC-7-Egg-Cooker/dp/B0000A1ZN9
      It’s amazing! Put in 7 eggs and measure the water to the line and walk away. It beeps when they’re done – perfect every time.

      I have wanted to try that baking method though – might try that this week.

      1. Seriously… I HATE boiled eggs. I’m kind of gagging just thinking about it. But yet again, you are privy to what goes into my body every day, and should be gagging at that too. Haha.

  3. You are making me laugh. Our weekly steps are seriously close right now, which is why I need you to limit your walk today. Haha. You’re my only FitBit friend and i don’t want to be behind. Lol. AND… your calorie deficit destroys mine. To go further, I think my daily net cals are higher than yours too. Who needs to work on what they’re eating? Lol. I do track everything tho… down to every piece of gum. It’s a sickness, I swear. 🙂 You’re doing GREAT!

  4. Thanks for the sweet potato recipe idea! I have a couple of sweet potatoes I baked over the weekend AND I have some tex-mex shredded chicken in the crockpot right now. Lunch for Thursday and Friday! I’ve also seen a lot of recipes for sweet potatoes topped with black beans. I really, really, really love these black beans:


    1. I used to HATE beans -any kind of beans. The texture just grossed me out. A couple of years ago, I realized that they were super good for you (and cheap to buy) so I’ve been forcing myself to eat them more and more…. and honestly, I kind of like them now! I’ll have to try out this recipe. 🙂

      1. I didn’t like beans until I moved to Austin for grad school. It was there that I discovered the joy of the black bean. This recipe is a ringer for the delicious beans I fell in love with. If you can’t find epazote locally, you can order from the Savor Spice Shop, a Colorado company. Honestly, I think the secret is avoiding canned beans and soaking dried beans yourself. Muy delicioso!

  5. You’re doing really well! Ugg.. so frustrating to forget to wear the fitbit!! Even if I forget for 10 minutes I am annoyed. I have set my goal at 10 000 a day and gosh, it has been tough. It makes me wonder how many steps I used to take a day if I didn’t try! :/ I want to start tracking calories next week as I know that would help me a lot too. Good luck with your new 8000 a day goal! 🙂

    1. 10k is an insane, awesome goal! I didn’t change my activity the first couple of days, and with my desk job, I’m around 2500/day without effort. It’s been a huge effort to even hit 6-7k. 10k only happens with some serious workouts and walks thrown in!

  6. I got my mom a fitbit for her birthday this year (just Monday!) because I was excited about how great it’s been for you. I really want one myself, too, but they cost like 40% more over here than there! Lame. Anyway, I might still cave…

    I need to go get some cottage cheese. it really is super yummy and healthy. I’ve been roasting big pans of mixed veggies and bringing that for lunch this week, with some melba toast and good slice of cheese. Feels almost decadent – like a big plate of antipasti or something. That recipe for the sweet potato looks GOOD. I keep seeing sweet potatoes with black beans but I just can’t get myself to try it…

    1. Ohhh I hope you cave and get that FitBit! 🙂

    2. Just paypal me the cash and I’ll order it and mail it to you if it’d save you $40! I totally love having mine.

      Roasted veggies – I really need to get into doing that more often. Do you just toss with some olive oil and roast?

  7. I must say I eat some weird stuff these days. Love cottage cheese and anything really! I know you don’t want to give up beer, neither did I but I give myself 1 cheat day a week. On that cheat day anything goes. The other 6 days, no sugar, no carbs (low carb), no alcohol. It was tough at first now I am use to it. I have lost 10lbs in 6 weeks. I try to work out 5 days a week but it’s not what I use to do. Good Luck, keep up the good work!

  8. That does sound good! Kinda weird too, but in a good sort of way.

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