Weekly Wednesday Weigh-In

Weekly Wednesday Weigh-In: 5 Weeks Postpartum-Starting Weight: 5’8″ and 172.9# / BMI 26.3
-Last Week’s Weight: 164.1#
-Current Weight: 164.0#
-Goal Weight: 152.0#

Avg Daily Steps – 9,534 (goal was 8,000/day)
Avg Daily Calories – 1,725 (847 deficit/day)
# Floors Climbed – 147 (goal was 100)

Well, my weight actually fluctuated UP most of the week, so I’m glad the overall Wednesday morning number was down just a bit. I was AWESOME at moving my body this week (you see that daily step average? hells yes!!), but obviously my food wasn’t great again. *banging head on wall* Why is it so hard for me to realize that I MUST control the food or I won’t see results? Part of the problem is food provided by my work and my MIL is high calorie – I think I pretty much need to just skip those offers (even though I’m cheap which is why I HATE to waste food) and stick to food I’m not guessing the calorie count on. Obviously I’m guessing wrong or not tracking well somehow or I should have been down a pound this week.

Goals for this coming week:

Average Daily Steps – 9,000/day – It requires a lot of effort, but last week proved to me that I can up my step count if I really dedicate myself to it. This will be an odd week with traveling Thurs-Mon, but that doesn’t mean I’m giving myself a free pass.

Average Calorie Deficit – 750/day (which would equate to 1.5#/week). MUST TRACK EVERY SINGLE DAY. No eating off of Stella’s plate. This will be a hard week for tracking because of traveling to STL, staying with family, eating out, etc. – but I can at least make healthy choices. I will be drinking beer though, and probably lots of it. SOOOO excited for the Cardinals baseball game on Saturday with my friend Ann (who is seriously my oldest blog friend)!!

Total # Floors Climbed – 150.  

Weekly Tip:

Chug a glass of water before meals! This will help you to feel fuller before you start eating, and it will help to keep you from overeating. I’ve been horrid at drinking enough water lately, so this is my biggest goal this week – drinking an entire glass of water before I eat anything!



    That is all. See you in THREE (maybe even TWO) days!!!!!

  2. Whooo!!! Awesome job with the steps this week!! Game is on now 😉 I am at just over 6000 today and so ready for bed. Ugggg. How can some days be sooo much harder to get even past 7000.

  3. Good lord I am hungry this week. Lack of sleep and being up at 6 am or before makes me need so many more calories for energy. I’m trying to space it out all evenly, but I never am able to save snacking calories for the end of the night. Dude. It is so time for me to tone up now, and I just can’t bring myself to start doig the ronin exercises. Sorry I’m using your weekly post as my venting outlet! 😉

    Have fun in St. Louis and enjoy the baseball game! Mmm beer!

    1. Breastfeeding takes a lot of energy and calories for sure. I know it’s only technically 300 calories, but between that and the water you need to be drinking, it’s easy to feel hungry all the time. Hang in there!

  4. It sucks but it is so much about food. Great results though!

  5. Good for you! Way to go! The food thing is so hard. That’s my problem too, especially because I hate wasting food, just like you said. Harriet’s always leaving all kinds of food on her tray and it PAINS me to throw it away, so I end up eating it instead. Bad idea.

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