Weekly Wednesday Weigh-In: Post Vacation Edition

Weekly Wednesday Weigh-In: 5 Weeks Postpartum-Starting Weight: 5’8″ and 172.9# / BMI 26.3
-Last Week’s Weight: 164.0#
-Current Weight: 164.3#
-Goal Weight: 152.0#

Avg Daily Steps – 8,317 (goal was 9,000/day)
Avg Daily Calories – N/A (didn’t track in STL for 5 days)
# Floors Climbed – 107 (goal was 150)

I’m honestly pretty happy with this week! I either sprained or broke my toe on Wednesday night while packing for St. Louis, and so I never did any runs or anything while we were there (Thurs-Mon). I still managed to keep my step count up pretty high though! I started tracking food, but it was just too hard while eating out / eating at other people’s houses because it was all a guess, so I decided to say screw it and stop tracking while we were there. 🙂 For the most part I made good choices – Saturday was full of cold beers and the best mac’n’cheese I have ever eaten (Ann – send me that recipe pretty pretty please?!), but other than that I did great. Packing healthy snacks/sandwiches for travel days goes a long way towards controlling calories and money spent as well.

At any rate, I’m happy that my weight stayed basically the same after a week where 5/7 days I was on vacation, but now it’s time to buckle down and get that scale moving down again!!

Goals for this coming week:

Average Daily Steps – 9,000/day
Total # Floors Climbed – 150
Average Calorie Deficit – 750/day (which would equate to 1.5#/week)
Chug a glass of water before meals!

Weekly Tip:

Log your calories before eating your meal. I know for me, if I knew that [insert food item here] was going to be 400 calories, I wouldn’t have eaten the entire thing and asked for seconds! It always helps me to be more mindful if I’ve logged it in and said that’s it – that’s what I’m eating for this meal. If I am still hungry later, I have nothing against eating a snack, but at least then I’m not eating portions of high calories foods without thinking about it first!


  1. Good luck!

  2. I am a crazy person and plan my whole day of food in te middle of the night the day before based in what I am doing the next day. It’s my nursing fun I suppose to think about food. Doesn’t leave much to spontaneity, but if I have food in front of me, im eating it! It keeps me on the straight and narrow. Although I revise it a billion times a day if something sounds better. I try to leave calories at night for wine and chocolate. But I always snack if I new to since I’m bfing. Sometimes I’m just hungrier than other times.

    1. And good job not gaining on vacay! Omg, I go off the chains on vacation or out to dinner. I usually gain a few pounds that I will later lose.

  3. Sounds like you did a great job for being on vacation! What a really good tip. I need to start tracking food.. and doing it this way!

  4. I think you did great for being on vacation!! I also think logging things ahead of time helps. Each morning I log my expected fruit and veggie servings for the day in my little spreadsheet and it helps keep me on track. Afternoon snack time comes around and I’m home with Sofia slicing her some cheese or something when I remind myself that I already logged an apple for my snack (or whatever). It helps for sure.

    BTW, did you go to Ted Drewes? I’ve been obsessed thinking about it lately since I happened across a Man vs. Food episode that mentioned it… sigh. It would be WORTH gaining a pound or two!! 😉

    1. We ran out of time. 🙁 Normally we always make a special trip to Ted Drewes when we’re there! Stells did crush a milkshake from Steak’n’Shake. 🙂

  5. You are doing great girl! 🙂 I am terrible at food tracking, I do it for like a week, then forget all about it! We should be fitbit friends! http://www.fitbit.com/user/23BBQ5

  6. No gain after a holiday equals WINNING

  7. Definitely agreeing that no gain after a vacation is a huge deal! Also, we are exactly the same weight today, haha 😀

  8. As always, your tips are fabulous. I like the idea of logging pre-meal because of everything you said, plus it keeps you accountable to not have another serving because you don’t want to go back and change your log.

    Also, so glad you got a well-deserved vacation! Hope you’re feeling refreshed!

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