Freaking the F* Out

I probably should have quit temping to avoid this, but with Stella I kept on for a few more weeks. The last two mornings my temps have been way down (almost to my coverline) and it’s making me freak out that I didn’t start the P4 supplements soon enough. Has anyone had this happen and not have it mean an impending miscarriage? Please pray that this embryo sticks around.


Green is my cycle with Stella, purple is current (obviously). My coverline is at about 97.7 this cycle.


  1. I was never good at temping, so I don’t know. But wanted to let you know that MANY prayers are being sent your way!!

  2. I didn’t temp during my pregnancy with Sofia so I have no input there. BUT I do want to say that there are LOTS of charts on FF showing low post-O temps AND you did have a little blip with Stella there, too, so it’s not unheard of for your temps to drop a bit. Try try TRY not to freak out just yet. You’re taking the progesterone in the evening, right? Take one this morning, too. You’re doing all you can. HUGS.

    1. Yeah, I took another one this morning as soon as I saw the thermometer temp. Fuck. Charlie keeps telling me that we weren’t supposed to even get pregnant on our own, so maybe this temp is just an anomaly as well. Just freaking out.

  3. kel24 · · Reply

    I have never temped either but I am sending prayers everything will be ok.

    I am sorry this is so scary. My friend is pregnant again and she took progesertone shots with her third after a previous loss and now is taking them orally this time around and her doctor thought it was ok. But he did start her on them ASAP.

    I was only on them with the first 2 pregnancies (most/all RE’s do this I think) and my “surprise” pregnancy I wasn’t. I will say I have had 2 losses but mine were not related to progesterone, and my RE gave them to me anyway (my progesterone was borderline) and I still had a blighted ovum. Her thought was they can’t hurt, but if it is NOT a low progesterone issue, they won’t prevent a loss in the case of something being genetically wrong. Hope that makes sense!

  4. Elizabeth · · Reply

    I don’t have any temping info fo you but I wanted to let you know I am thinking of you! The wondering & “what if’s” are always so hard.

  5. I just looked at my two charts to compare. With Chloe I charted for 24 days after I O’d and had a steady increase in temps. With this pregnancy I charted for 30 days after I O’d and although my temps never dipped, they didn’t increase as much as they did with Chloe. I was going to comment on your other post that my RE wants progesterone above 20. I think it’s good that you started taking them…do you plan to continue to monitor it or was this just a one time deal? Praying praying that this baby sticks!!

    1. We’ll recheck my P4 levels in a few weeks. Until then I’m definitely staying on them. Costs about $100 every time we test though, so I’m probably not getting retested until 8-10 weeks (assuming all is going well).

  6. Well, you saw my post on this – dropping temps with pre-period-like values within the days after the positive test – and eight months later we’re still trucking along!

    My theory was a progesterone issue, although a blood test showed my levels were okay. The doctor had prescribed the supplements in the meantime, and I continued to take them anyway “just in case.” So if it wasn’t the progesterone, why were my temps low? Who knows. Just some weird randomness of early pregnancy.

    In your case, if these two lower temps are caused by lower progesterone levels (as opposed to just a random fluke, or another reason), then you’re already doing what you can to help that by taking the supplements. The second thing you can do is to help yourself mentally by putting down the thermometer! That was a difficult step for me, as I wanted to “control” the process as much as I could by gathering and analyzing data, but it was definitely the best one for my sanity. And as I mentioned in my post, the best thing we can do for our growing little ones is to provide the most peaceful, stress-free environment possible. Sometimes ignorance is bliss.

    Sending hugs!

    1. Ugh, I want to put it down, but I also want to keep temping until I see those numbers back up FIRST! SO hard to have no control. I know I’m doing what I can to help this embaby stick around, but it sucks to feel so helpless. 🙁

      1. Because of Elizabeth’s experience, I totally stopped charting. I didn’t want to force a freak out. Its all too much. Put the thermometer away!!

  7. I need to dig out my charts from Lids… but right now I am just sending you thoughts and prayers and hoping this is nothing at all to worry about. It is good that you started on the prog. sups as soon as you did. And your doc didn’t seem worried, so that is always very reassuring. Hang in there and try not to worry. Sending big hugs and hoping so much that this is nothing but a slightly different way of progressing temp-wise than last time.

  8. Just so happens I was looking at my last BFP chart! I continued temping a while after G’s BFP and my temp took a couple of big dips during that time. I remember reading you shouldn’t temp after the BFP because the data isn’t super reliable, but until I could hear G on a doppler it was the only way to *try* to help me relax. It is so easier said than done!

    I agree with Elizabeth. If you’re already taking the supplements then you’re doing everything you can at the moment. I’m sending positive vibes to you!

    1. How early did you try the doppler? I don’t have one, but my neighbor and friend does. I was thinking of trying it out some day.

  9. I stopped temping after my BFP with Ellen, so can’t offer much other than I’m thinking of you and praying this little guy/gal is doing great! From the other comments it sounds like temperature drops happen and it’s no big deal, so I encourage you to stay positive and drop that thermometer if you can 🙂

  10. I can’t imagine going from a heavily monitored pregnancy to a “normal” one. I guess I’ll echo the others and say stop temping, but I understand its the only thing that you can “do” right now.

    It sounds ridiculous coming from someone who hasn’t dealt with what you have, so take it with a grain of salt, but try to focus on the fact that your suffering with Stella came from not being able to create her easily, not from being able to keep her. Your body held on tight to her once she was there; so it’s reasonable to expect it to do the same with this little monster 🙂

  11. Temping seriously fkd with my head. It made me so stressed out. It’s too late now but try to stay relaxed (yes I just said that) and have faith in yourself and your body x

  12. The temp analyzing is almost as addicting and annoying as the pee stick analyzing. I always stopped temping after a few days or positive sticks..b/c I felt as if I saw a dip, I’d wake up earlier the next morning and lay there until it was time to temp again…probably messing things up further.
    So frustrating. Glad you got on the suppositories, I hope it helps get that number up! (P.S. mine was always around 16 and my clinic in Chicago was fine with that number)…

    1. Yep. I normally take at 5:45, but lately I’ve been waking up at 5:15 and laying there. UGHHHH!

  13. Thinking of you!!!

  14. I’m sending many many prayers and hugs your way. So very many. I know it’s hard because you can’t control what is happening, but have faith that everything will be okay. Because it’s always okay. GIANT HUG!!!!!

  15. Been thinking of you all night/day. Sending good thoughts and prayers your way!

    1. Thanks Kell. I’ve doubled up on the P4 supps and my temp was higher again today after 2 days near coverline. Trying to relax and have faith in this!

  16. Don’t panic! It will be ok or it won’t, and you’re doing your best. That’s all there is to do. The studies on oral versus vaginal progesterone don’t show a benefit to one route over the other, so do whatever makes you happier and saner. Thinking good thoughts for you!

    1. Good to know. Thanks!

  17. I definitely had post-BFP temps that were down near my coverline, and ongoing pregnancy. I agree that you should put the thermometer away. It’s not going to change anything. If you have a mc it’s going to suck – but why start the suckage sooner by worrying about it, and potentially miss enjoying these early days! 🙂

    AND OMFG HFS you went and got yourself knocked up the old fashioned way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EEEK EEK EEEEEEEEK! amazingly awesome!!!

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