17 Months

How is she growing up so quickly?!

Chez Scov

Dear Stelly,


This month of your life has been full of travel and fun for us. We started off by going to St. Louis for five days, where you go to meet all of Daddy’s extended family for the first time and even got to take in a Cardinals baseball game! We let you run around in an open space upstairs for about two innings, and other than that you did great just hanging out in our laps watching the game. Daddy was so stoked that you liked being at the game.

By the time we made it back to Colorado, you had completed your 20th flight. Not bad for a kiddo of your age! It’s free for you to fly until your 2nd birthday, so we’re trying to take advantage of it while we can. 🙂

This month you have definitely become more and more adventurous. You are super steady…

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  1. 20 flights! That is amazing 🙂

    Happy 17 months, Stella!


  2. You know I am definitely starting to see more of you Josey!


  3. Cutie patootie! Love all that she’s been up to and all the words she’s saying, wow!! And I can’t believe she’s tall enough to open doors already. Look out mom!


  4. She is really growing into a little girl and not a baby anymore! She’s a stunner, just like her mama!


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