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Hey everyone!

So I know this will probably come across as petty and ridiculous to some, but it’s the truth, and that’s how I blog, so here ya go… πŸ™‚

I don’t wan’t to freak out about weight gain while pregnant, but I also am a teensy-bit petrified of weight gain this time around, so it’s definitely something I’ll be monitoring. Last time I was pregnant, I was waitressing and bartending full time, which meant I was on my feet for 40 hours a week – running stairs up three flights and carrying trays and moving non stop. My pre-preg weight puts me smack dab in the middle of the 15-25# and 25-35# recommendations, and I gained a healthy 25# by the time I delivered at 38w. I felt healthy and strong when it came time for delivery, and I truly think that had a positive effect on my birthing time.

NOW, I’m sitting at a desk job where I barely take 3,000 steps/day if I don’t make the effort or find time to work out at some point throughout the day. So yeah, not gonna lie, I’m afraid of gaining a ton of unnecessary weight this time around and not feeling as strong and prepared when it comes time to get this child out.

4w pregnant with Stella / 4w pregnant this time / 37w pregnant with Stella


I’m starting this pregnant at the exact same weight (161#) though I’m a slightly “softer” shape. Remember, I’m 5’8″ and medium build. Pre-Stella, I easily fit into size 10 jeans at this weight – and right now I’ve been struggling with 12s, thanks to the extra pudge I’m carrying around my belly & hips.

When I posted last week, I mentioned the Mean Abs ChallengeΒ that I’m partaking in. For those who aren’t aware, it IS safe to do abdominal exercises while pregnant. After the first trimester they recommending avoiding exercises that have you flat on your back because they can constrict your vena cava (thanks to the weight of the baby) which could reduce blood & oxygen flow to the fetus and the mother. It’s the same reason they don’t recommend sleeping on your back later in pregnancy, though I have to admit that this is another one of those “common sense” things to me – and my midwife backed me up – if you’re feeling dizzy, roll over, but otherwise, don’t freak out about it. At any rate, all docs say that during the first trimester it’s totally fine to do crunches and sit-ups. I am pleased to report that I am 7/7 for on the ab challenge so far! Having strong abs also helps prevent diastasis rectiΒ (separation of the abdominal muscles- common during pregnancy), reduces back pain by improving alignment of the spine, helps make labor and and delivery easier and improves the way you look and feel during pregnancy.

So there ya go. Mean Abs Challenge FTW! πŸ™‚

My goals for these next two months of pregnancy (i.e. the rest of the first trimester) are as follows:

  • Eat in moderation – no need to let myself start binge eating just because I’m pregnant. This means I shouldn’t eat an entire box of cheez-its in 3 days like I did last week. *Ahem*
  • Keep moving – on ZERO exercise days, I should still be able to hit at least 3k steps. I’d like to continue to average 6k/steps day overall. I only averaged 5,177 for the past week, so I need to kick that into gear a bit.
  • No more than 4# weight gain – I am up 1.5# in the past week, and that is NOT okay. If I’m eating well and moving I won’t freak out about weight gain, but I’d like to try to be no more than 165# when I start the 2nd tri. I’m curious how my body will gain weight differently this time around. I was 165# at 14w last time.


On pregnancy notes, I’m 5 weeks today, and my temp was back up the last two days. I’m trying to talk myself into putting the thermometer away. With Stella I temped for 9 more days past today – and an odd Type A part of me feels like I should “match” that. I know, I’m weird. Probably better to just quit with the temping though.

I’m also taking 2oo mg of the progesterone supps 2x/day for now (one morning & one night). I’m taking them vaginally, just because it makes me feel better, even if there’s no evidence that it actually works any better. Ha! I have a few awesome blog friends who are sending me their leftover meds (thank you thank you thank you!), so I should hopefully be able to continue these through most of the 1st tri until I’m more confident that the placenta has taken over.

I’m feeling much more optimistic right now about this embryo hanging around. Ask me in an hour and it could be a different story, but for now, I feel calm, and I’m going to try to focus on that. πŸ™‚


  1. I can see why you would be worried about that, there are a lot of differences in this pregnancy compared to your last!

    I’m glad your temos are back up! Good luck with the ab challenge!

  2. mcmissis · · Reply

    You are SO BRAVE to put those pics up of yourself for all the world to see! You look great in all of them. Isn’t it funny to picture Stella in that last one now that you know what she looks like? Now that you’ve seen your temps go back up, maybe if you decide to keep going for nine more days, and it slips again, you won’t get as worried.

  3. Cathy · · Reply

    Holy Moses! So impressed. I won’t lie. I stopped everything out of complete and paranoia and fear. I would’ve been terrified to work on abs. Haha. Super proud of you and you look great… and strong.

    1. For all of my issues, I’m not really a paranoid/fear person, thank God!

  4. I remember being so super impressed with your pregnancy body, and think you were in amazing shape to deliver! I think you are awesome for keeping conscious of how you are moving and eating during this pregnancy as well. Good job Jos! I’m so glad your temps are back up! I was going to text you and then thought that would be too much to start obsessing with you. πŸ™‚ One type A person is enough. I totally get your desire to match what you did with Stella.

    Three days to finish Cheezits? That’s nothing! I could’ve totally wrecked that box in a day, which is why I can’t buy cheezits.


    1. I could have done it in a 30 minute car ride home, but I specifically threw it in the back seat so I couldn’t keep snacking! LOL

      Text me anytime. πŸ™‚

  5. I’m so relieved the temps went back up! I get the concern. But you are focused and you can’t have beer so I’m thinking you will be ok!

  6. Miss Mac · · Reply

    Don’t forget the ‘chasing a toddler’ workouts:] How are you feeling overall? So excited about all of these pregnancy- round 2- news for so many blog friends!

    1. Feeling fine overall – no symptoms yet. I started feeling like death at 6w4d with Stella, so we shall see!

  7. I don’t think it’s petty at all. I had a hard time with the weight-gain during pregnancy and I didn’t gain that much (I think just under 20#). But the gut reaction to seeing a number rise on the scale is hard to overcome just because you’re pregnant. I think focusing on the health and fitness side of this is a great idea and by far the most important thing. You want to be strong and healthy and fit when you give birth again. Stick with that challenge and the goal to get those steps in and I believe you’ll be just fine.

    1. Exactly. πŸ™‚ Thanks for understanding!

  8. Oh Josey, I’ll be calm enough for the both of us πŸ™‚ I know sometimes you can’t help but worry and analyze everything. It’s just what we do.

    I hope you start feeling a little bit better about things on a regular basis. And I will keep praying.

  9. I totally get this! I gained 18 pounds with Matthew, and hit 28 this week at 33w5d with this pregnancy. Freaking out a little, even though I started 25# less this time. Its just hard! I weigh myself every day…. And still measure body fat daily. Its just how some of us are!

  10. I’m getting caught up on all my blog reading and I have to have to say CONGRATULATIONS! I’m so happy for you and… I got my bfp yesterday! We’re going to be doing this together – sorta kinda. πŸ™‚

    1. SO SO SO SO happy to read this Desiree! We’ll only be about 1 week apart. That is so crazy! Sofia is the other name we TOTALLY loved for Stella, and for some reason I’ve always felt connected to you because of that. πŸ™‚

  11. Congratulations! What fabulous news! This just made my whole weekend!!!!

  12. I definitely think there is something to be said for moving forward focused on having a healthy and strong pregnancy, and I totally believe you have the right plan going into this! For whatever it is worth, I actually LOST weight when I moved from waiting tables and bartending to a desk job. Probably because I wasn’t constantly snacking and drinking anymore! πŸ˜‰

  13. Try not too worry too much if you gain a little extra here or there. Every pregnancy is different, and your caloric requirements might be different too. So long as you are eating healthy foods, and not binging regularly on chocolates and cheese doodles, I think you should be okay. πŸ™‚

  14. You look great! You may not be waitressing this time around but you will be running around after a toddler so don’t forget to count that work out!

  15. So glad your temps are back up! I so wish I would have saved my progesterone suppositories! I totally would have sent them to you!

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