The Monday Snapshot – Mother’s Day Edition

I love looking back at past years to see how much has changed. Three years ago, I was happily on the way to Norway with my Mom and sisters, but I was also starting to realize just how screwed up my cycles were, and I was vacillating between some crazy hope and confusion. That next year was the darkest year of my life, hands down. Two years ago I was newly pregnant with Stella and starting to get into morning sickness hell, but still feeling incredibly blessed to finally at least be seeing a light at the end of the tunnel to motherhood. Last year my parents were out here visiting, so I was able to spend Mother’s Day with my mother, plus my baby who was just learning how to sit on her own. This year, I spent Mother’s Day with my toddler and my husband’s mother, all the while knowing that there is hopefully another little one cooking away in my ute. I’m starting to feel more and more nauseous, so I’m feeling fairly confident that s/he is still growing away in there. It’s amazing how to think about how much changes in our lives from year to year!


Most definitely a toddler. Mother’s Day 2013

First time sitting unassisted!

First time sitting unassisted! Mother’s Day 2012


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  1. It is amazing how much changes in a year – holy smokes! Over the last year, I’ve thought that Stella doesn’t change much – but looking back in time like this – she’s like a whole different kid! This sort of scares me in regards to my own baby… maybe it’s time to look back on old photos!

  2. Oh wow, it really is amazing to hear and see the changes that happen in just one year.I agree with Courtney, while watching Stella grow, it felt like she has kept her look throughout but to see a apart, she has become such a little girl 🙂 I am so glad you are where you are today with #2 baking away… even if he/she is bringing on the morning sickness a bit… booo!

  3. I love that last pic, she is still adorable, but what a cute chunky baby too!!!!!!

  4. mcmissis · · Reply

    She was sooooo cute and little! Now she’s cute and big, but that tiny baby look is to-die-for <3 Glad to hear you're feeling sick 😉

  5. What a difference three years (or even one year!) can make! So glad that you’re starting to feel sick…weird to say, but I am VERY glad. I hope that those symptoms ramp up enough to ease your worry but not so much that they make you miserable.

  6. I love these “comparison” posts… seeing the change over a course of a year is just really.. SOMETHING. Stella is indeed a true toddler these days. And an adorable one at that. I’m getting scared about the downhill slide for all of us toward the 2 year mark, and how quickly that is just going to lead to the preschool days! Yikes!

  7. Ugh. Nostalgia. Get me every time. 🙂 Sweet little toddler… and so happy! 🙂 You look glowy. I’m going to go ahead and call boy. 🙂

  8. Man, Stella is looking more and more like her daddy! People are saying the same thing about Sofia – I wonder if that’s a genetic thing, the first babies looking exactly like the dad. I look just like my dad and I read somewhere that it really is a thing; it’s supposed to make the dads want to stick around.

    Anyway, I’m rambling – just wanted to say Happy Late Mother’s Day! 🙂

  9. Wow. Yesterday, I was thinking the same things. I remember two years ago, I started my period on Mothers day morning after a medicated cycle. It was devastating to find out a cycle did not work on Mothers day and go on to spend the day with my own mother and continue on our fun plans like normal.

    Last mothers day just didn’t feel real with a tiny bun in the oven, but I enjoyed the wishes from everyone and the flowers from my husband.

    And then THIS mothers day was the most special I have felt in a long time. I loved every second with my daughter, soaking her all in. How blessed. What a great feeling.

    And Whoa!!! My baby is going to be sitting soon if Stells was! She’s about 20 days behind Stella, and just yesterday I was wondering when she’d sit unassisted, and it looks like…soon!

    Stella is the perfect Norwegian baby with that blond hair. What a total cutie pie!

  10. so bittersweet to compare the years. Our babies are so big! 🙂

  11. This is such an old fashioned word but you look radiant!

  12. I love thinking back on each of the years past, and especially how far we’ve come. Great picture of you and Stella!

  13. Oh gosh she is precious! I can’t wait to “meet” this new little one of yours!

  14. Amazing how much can change in so little time! Imagine what things will be like for you in another year 🙂

  15. You are such a wonderful mother! I’m praying that this newest little nugget is cooking away perfectly and is around to stay!

  16. I freaking LOVE your photos in front of your clothes line of diapers! Did you get some BG freetimes? Do you still like your elementals?

    1. I bought 4 freetimes on sale – they’ve been good for nighttime b/c I can stuff with an extra liner for absorbency issues. Other than that, we still love the elementals!

  17. What a wonderful day! And a great way to look back at the time that’s passed (BTW – I LOVE the peace sign outfit Stella had on a year ago!!).

    1. You mean her pajamas? 🙂

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