8 Weeks

Eight weeks was the first time I really wrote a “check-in” post during my pregnancy with Stella, and I figured I should do the same for this little one. I’m not sure if I’ll do the weekly write-ups like I did last time, but I do want to make sure I record things about this pregnancy as well. Reading through my Mom’s pregnancy journal about me was one of the coolest things I’ve ever read, and I hope this kiddo thinks the same someday about reading my blatherings! 🙂

I know we’re not in the clear yet, but so far the all day extreme nausea/vomiting plus lack of bleeding gives me continued confidence that this little one is burrowed in well. (Please oh please don’t make me eat my words on that, God) My first official appointment with our midwife is scheduled for Tuesday, June 25th at 11w6d. We had a long informational meeting with he and his wife (a retired NICU nurse) at 5w6d that went really well, and after giving Charlie some time to chew on it, he has agreed to support my hopes for a home birth this time around. Yay!!! I’ll write a whole post about this soon (I promise – once the damn vomiting stops), but I am beyond excited about this turn of events.

Also, because this is a “spontaneous, healthy pregnancy,” the standard is to not get an ultrasound until the anatomy scan at 20w, but I think we’re going to request a “dating ultrasound” sometime before 12 weeks, even though I know my dates perfectly. It’s worth the out of pocket expense to have that reassurance that all is well in my ute. How the hell do fertiles wait like that? Related, I’m feeling very lost about this easily attained pregnancy and my status in the ALI community. More thoughts on that soon.

Symptoms thus far:

  • 5w4d the nausea began (1 week earlier than with Stella), and most days I’m puking multiple times a day, all day. *sigh*
  • I am still starving all of the time, but most everything makes me nauseous/puke as well. Praying this stops around 10w like it did last time.
  • I’m taking Zofran 4mg every 5-6 hours, which somewhat helps, but has also stopped me up in the GI district. Fun.
  • At 4w2d I had my progesterone levels checked, and they were only at 8.8 (it was 33.8 with Stella), so my provider instantly started me on progesterone supplements. I took (1) 200 mg pill orally the first couple of days, and then switched to (2) 200mg pills vaginally after that (one in the morning / one at night). Those ran out about 10 days ago, and at that point I switched to Endometrin (2) 100mg pills/day, thanks to some amazing bloggie friends who sent me all of their extra meds. I’m probably going to continue on those for another couple of weeks, as I didn’t wean off them with Stella until 10-11 weeks. It costs us $100 every time we check my P4 levels though, so I’m figuring better safe than sorry this time since we haven’t been retesting my levels due to cost.
  • My breasts aren’t really sore or growing, but I was definitely starting to get really worn down and “touched out” and ended up weaning Stella last week. I guess I just need a few months off before starting this whole journey over again!
  • I went to my awesome acupuncturist last Friday to try to get some relief from this nausea. She spent 90 minutes working on me, and I felt pretty good the entire time I was on the table. I’ve felt marginally better since then, and I’m not sure if it’s related or not? At least I’m functioning better between puking sessions now.

Overall, I’m in awe that I’m 1/5 of the way through this pregnancy. I know that the first 4 weeks don’t really count, but I distinctly remember this date in my pregnancy with Stella and thinking WHOA. It’s completely amazing to be here again, even though I’m feeling like hell and more than ready to be done with this part of pregnancy. I’m actually down about 1/2 pound at this point from my BFP weight – it’s just hard to keep anything down. 🙁 I’m sure hoping that the next month flies and I’m in the 2nd trimester and hopefully nausea free before you know it!


  1. I have Lots of Thoughts on the “surprise!” “natural!” pregnancy after IF stuff…obvs. I mean, you know. We’ll talk.

    But I just say HELLZ YEAH CHARLIE! SO SO SO EXCITED about you preparing to home birth this teeny baby. (SRB spidey sense says Lady Baby, FYI). Like I said, BJB and I are always here to talk with you guys about our experience. I am sure BJB would be happy to chat with Charles, re: feelings as well.


    1. I’m also feeling the lady baby vibes!

  2. Good luck with your homebirth!!!

  3. So, so happy for you!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Elizabeth · · Reply

    How ownderful that Charlie is feeling better about a homebirth this time! I remember how much you wanted that last time. Stinks that you are vomiting all the time but happy to hear things are going well for you. Hopefully that will ease up soon. I am a fertile and I always had u/s at 6 weeks. It is very comforting to see that healthy little spot on the screen early on. Be sure to post after you have your u/s. Thinking of you!!!

  5. I would go crazy if I had to wait until 20 weeks to see my little ones. As the norm, my doctor does dating ultrasounds at the first appointment around the 11/12 week mark. Of course after that, there is the 20 week ultrasound and that was it until baby arrived unless a medical need for another one.
    There is just something so reassuring with that 11/12 week ultrasound…
    Hope you get to see this one on the screen soon.

  6. mcmissis · · Reply

    I’m a fertile and had ultrasounds around 10-12 with both. I was told with Gracie before that though that I wouldn’t get one until 20. So when the midwife brought us to the machine, we doing say a word 🙂 And, btw, she told us at that 12-week ultrasound, she had never seen a baby move that much… And well, you know Gracie!

    Congrats on convincing the hubby on the home birth.

    1. Yeah, this guy just doesn’t have an u/s machine in his house, so if there’s no “reason” to do one before 20w, he doesn’t normally order it for his patients. Actually, the CNM we used for Stella’s hospital birth told me the same thing (no u/s ordered until 20w). Both did say they COULD order it if we wanted to chance paying out pocket for it.

      1. mcmissis · · Reply

        Yeah, we had excellent insurance with Gracie but not so good with Lyla. I can’t remember how much we paid for it. I also had one at 5 weeks with Gracie in the ER bc I was having bad stomach pains, and the consulting nurse recommended I go. They told me they were giving me one “to make sure the pregnancy is in the right spot.” I will never forget those words. I guess you could go that route, but that would probably be REALLY expensive without the great insurance we had back then.

  7. This is so different from the clinics here (including midwives). Our clinics scan to confirm pregnancy (so at your 8-10 week appointment – whenever you get in to see them the first time), then again at 12 weeks if you choose to do screening tests, and then again at 20 weeks. After that – you’re all done. But where my sister lives, they also do a 32 week scan for some reason.

    I am with you and would want one sooner than 20 weeks. That seems so long to wait.

    Hang in there! Ugh!

  8. Hurray for a homebirth!!! Can’t wait to hear all about your plans. I can’t believe you’re 8 weeks already. Hopefully the morning sickness abates for you soon. I’m 10.5 weeks with baby number 2 and MS is slowly on its way out, hope you are right behind me with that 🙂

  9. P.S. Perhaps a home doppler might ease your mind a little? I got one for $50 on ebay and it has definitely eased my constant worrying. I don’t like to use it too often but it is seriously reassuring! This time around we found the heartbeat for the first time at 8w5d.

  10. All great stuff! Though I hope the nausea fades soon. I had my first u/s with this pregnancy at 8 weeks even though I could have had it earlier. I decided to wait it out a little. And it was toooooorture. So waiting until 20 weeks would be impossible. But if you can get one at 11 that’s just 3 more weeks to go…totally survivable!

    Also FYI, my boobs didn’t start to get tender in this pregnancy until 10/12 weeks (and are actually at their worst right now at 14 weeks). I think that’s pretty normal post-breast feeding.

  11. Wow Jos! Things are really progressing here! I remember 8 weeks was a pretty big milestone for me, and the weeks kind of start to fly by. It really seems like a substantial pregnancy and here to stay! They say your risk goes way way down after 8 weeks!

    I love your pregnancy updates and so glad you are doing them again for number 2! Bring back so many memories of watching you bake Stella. I don’t know why I got so attached to your pregnancy! I can’t even comment on your weaning post yet! I’m just not ready! Lol! I totally get that you feel touched out. I can’t imagine feeling so poor and breastfeeding. I know people manage to do it with the stomach flu and I just wouldn’t be able to do it. But something about that post breaks my heart, must be because I’m enjoying Ever so much now that she touches me sweetly and communicates with me, rather than punching my boobs and squirming like a starving squirrel. 🙂

    So excited to be following you! I always think that end of march would have been the perfect time for you to visit and kick myself every time!!

  12. Awesome update. I am still shocked and over the moon for you. I’ll never know what it’s like to do it twice (and so OK with that) so I’ll love following you along. YEY for the home birth. Love it.

  13. I’m so glad that this little one is sticking around! You’re doing an amazing job of hanging in there, and I really, really hope things ease up for you by 10 weeks.

  14. Sorry you are so sick and hope things get better for you soon!

  15. so glad all is well so far, but I’m sorry you’re feeling so horrible. the constant nausea and exhaustion of first tri is pretty awful…I hope you’re through it sooner rather than later.

    and hooray for homebirthin’ it! Glad you’ll get the birth you want.

  16. Ohh I remember 8 weeks with Lids. It definitely felt like a first milestone. I am so excited that everything is going well… other than the feeling like absolute crap of course!! :/ Really hoping that stops very very soon. Soooo excited for you that Charlie is on birth for the home birth!!!! I can’t wait to hear more about your plans for that. I am so jealous and so wish that could be a possibility for me down here!

  17. What?!?!?! How is it possible that it’s 8 weeks already!?! Actually, now it’s 9! That’s insane. I don’t know if maybe it’s dragging for you since you’re feeling so terrible, but it seems like it’s flying by!

    1. Yeah, I really did wake up this morning going WHOA, 9 weeks already?

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