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s+cCourtney wrote a great post yesterday about how Everything is Temporary. She talked about her laid back parenting philosophy, and I’d have to say that I have somehow ended up the same way. I’m not an especially laid back person in general, but in parenting? Meh. We pretty much roll with the punches in our house. This morning I was getting ready for work and I realized that Stella had figured out that if she stands at the top of the stairs and throws the ball, it goes a LONG way and Chief really has to run for it. She thought it was awesome, and Chief actually got some exercise for once! Sure, I told her to make sure she was careful and to hold onto the wall when she was throwing, but… I just kinda let her keep doing it. It was probably a little dangerous, but I also believe that kids need to learn to respect the danger around them – not be bubble wrapped and kept away from all of it. Is that crazy?


  1. I think if she understands she needs to hold onto the wall to be safer then it’s not so crazy. I’m sure Stella had a blast 🙂 I am trying to be as laid back as possible, but there are some situations it’s hard for me (being around water is a huge one I’m working through). I agree with learning to respect the danger. I think my mom taught us that pretty well and I hope to do the same for G 🙂

  2. mcmissis · · Reply

    You are not allowed to go so long without posting a picture of her again. First of all bc she’s adorable, but second of all, she’s like 15 in that picture!

  3. I completely agree about letting them learn to respect the danger. I personally think there are way too many bubble wrapped kids out there anyways.

  4. Laid back is not a bad thing at all! You are teaching her about danger in her surroundings but also teaching her independence. I work for a university and ‘helicopter’ parents are the worse. I feel for those 18 year olds that have never done anything for themselves. Half of them turn wild because they are no longer reined in tightly.

  5. Look at that little cutie! Stella is precious! I totally feel you on teaching them to respect the danger. Grace’s favorite thing to do right now is to climb up a seven foot ladder and go down the slide in our yard. Probably not the safest for a 17 month old, but she loves it. And we do assist her and talk to her about all the things she needs to do to stay in one piece. I think it is helping her for future instances, should she ever find herself in a situation where she could injure herself. I try my very best to never lose sight of her, but let’s face it. It is bound to happen eventually and she will be more prepared than had I bubble wrapped her in every situation.

  6. Love it! I’m the same. When baby is crawling up the stairs I keep my distance, if he falls I will save him from really hurting himself but he will definitely experience the sensation of falling before I get there! I think it’s important for him to realize that stairs are dangerous. I have friends who think I’m crazy when I don’t follow closely behind him but I think kids have to get hurt a little bit!

  7. She’s a smart little girl! Love her! I think that’s totally awesome that you give her lessons in the dangers around her, and let her be an active part of her environment.

  8. I could probably learn a thing or two from you. Sometimes I think Taylor’s extra cautious ways is because I’m sensitive to potential threats. Of course, every time I go outside my boundaries, she ends up with a boo boo. (I’ve let her sit in an adult dining chair during dinner – she fell and hit her head. I let her go down the BIG slide at the playground and she got a massive brushburn down on her forehead…). Okay, so maybe I just have a really clutsy kid. But still, I envy you.

    1. LOL, well, Stella has had bruises since she started moving. Her knees are perpetually scraped already (Mama! Hwut! knee!) and I guess I figure it’s just a part of childhood. 🙂 Stella LOVES the big slide at the playground too! 🙂

  9. Definitely a good thing.. in my opinion! This world does not need a bunch of bubble-wrapped people growing up into it. We are the same with Alidia and often have other people say things like, “Oh the ground is too cold/hot on her feet!!” or “That is too spicy for her!” or “You need to pick her up!” but all in situations where, no, that is not the case. She can handle it and she is smart enough to know when she can’t. If it is too hot or cold or spicy or scary or far.. she can tell us or show us. And I think letting her do that makes her better at it. Stella is such a little smartie too and you, as her mama, know when she knows what she is doing and is safe.

  10. The look on Chief’s face is priceless! Very glad that Stella has a new activity that benefits everyone (maybe not the carpets, but those are replaceable). With life there’s always some level of risk. The thing is, though, that’s how we learn and grow. And seeing this photo demonstrates that many times the benefits far outweigh the risk.

  11. I totally believe in letting them test safety and learn to respect boundaries by experience, and not just words. When it comes to a hot stove, of course I’ll use words rather than experience, but falling down – they’ve got to learn somehow. I think Stella understands to be careful up there – she hasn’t fallen yet, right?

    B would put Matthew in bubble wrap if I would let him 😉

  12. I am so similar, I am pretty Type A in most areas of my life, except for parenting. I want Avery to be independent and figure things out for herself. I think she should figure out her boundaries for herself. I draw the line on something where she could really hurt herself, but she climbs everything and we just say be careful and keep a closer eye on her. Maybe that is why she is covered in bruises and scrapes!!!! But like our pediatrician says, if a toddler doesn’t have bruises, they aren’t playing and learning enough.

  13. You’ll be shocked to know that I feel the same way. B is way more afraid of things like that. Those kinds of punches? I actually roll with those. Lol.

    1. I AM a little shocked! LOL

  14. I totally agree on the laid back parenting thing. Stella is getting so big!!

  15. In the picture, she has a good 12 inches between her and the top stair, so I think she’s totally fine. (-: We’ve had more than a few tumbles down the stairs (even one full somersault). I think that those goose eggs probably hurt our hearts more than they hurt their heads. But don’t tell my pediatrician I said that.

    1. Ha, she ended up RIGHT at the top step and then sitting on one of the steps before the game was done. 🙂 Ah well. No falls yet though. *fingers crossed*

      1. Glad to hear she hasn’t taken a tumble yet! Fingers crossed. (-:

  16. Nope! Not crazy at all! And she looks super cute in that jean skirt 🙂

  17. St. Elsewhere · · Reply

    Not crazy really. I have a similar approach with Figlia. She has to be able to judge too. I will not put her in a dangerous situation, but I will let her decide what she wants to do. And I am always around. Always.

  18. We are the same way. After watching my mom with X freak out at every little thing, I’ve begun to wonder if my fear of heights is a learned behavior. Trying to let him explore on his own. (Within reason). Such a cute pic!

  19. I really appreciate this parenting outlook and try to be the same way. I believe that kids really do have some awareness of their own physical limitations and the dangers around them (they/we ARE animals, after all), and it’s important to let them fine-tune those instincts. I bet Stella AND Chief loved the game!

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