The Monday Snapshot – Father’s Day

Well, Stella wasn’t in the mood for pictures yesterday, but here is the best shot we got of Stella with her father and grandfathers (my Dad was here from MN and Charlie’s Dad lives about 15 minutes from us in Colorado). It was so great to have everyone together! IMG_2717-resizedETA – Charlie told me last night that yesterday felt like his first “real” father’s day. He said that last year she was just so little (6mo) and it seemed overwhelming and not like reality to him yet, but that this year, it’s just REAL. He’s her father. 🙂


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  1. Elizabeth · · Reply

    Great shot!

  2. mcmissis · · Reply

    Aww poor thing. I’m so happy you got to have everyone together though!

  3. Aww she is still adorable even if grumpy. And the men in her life look very inlove with her 🙂

    What a sweet thing for Charlie to say… Anthony said something kind of similar to someone the other day about how the first year of Lids’ life he was so eager to be able to really ‘play’ with her. He loved her so much of course, but it was still mostly ‘taking care’ of a baby. Now he can really play with her (and does all the time) and I think it means so much to him! 🙂

  4. Haha, that’s a framer. I felt the same about Mother’s Day this year, the first one was weird and I was too tired but this one felt real! Especially for Dads since they lack boobs, the second year is so much more fun.

  5. Look at that sweet girl with those three men who love her like crazy! She will never know how crazy they are about her, but she’ll always feel it.

  6. aww! so sweet

  7. […] my life over the past 4-5 Junes that is kind of fun to look at, and my parents came to visit over Father’s Day. I got to go to my first midwife visit at 12w at the end of the month as […]

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