In Joyful Memoriam

Just over three months ago, I wrote a jumbled post about the highs and lows that were going on in our lives. The scary high was that my husband had just quit his job and took the leap to being self employed (an endeavor which is thankfully still going well).  The mixed blessing was that it was CD1 of my first cycle postpartum, and little did I know that we would go on to conceive miracle baby #2 that cycle. The horrible low was that we were grieving the death of Axel, of one of Stella’s daycare playmates, a little boy who had been tragically murdered while in Mexico with his family. I wrote this post the next day after attending his memorial service, which was hands down one of the best and worst experiences of my life.

As the months have passed, Axel’s family has been busy turning turning their grief about this tragedy into something positive, and two weeks ago they were able to officially launch the Ax.el Pr.oject. Facebook / Website

This is a family who has always valued being active together, and their mission is to “introduce and nurture a lifelong passion for cycling to children and their families.”

If you are considering buying a bicycle for your child, check out the Strider Bikes offered through their website. The cost is the same as if you’d buy it anywhere else online, but for every bike you purchase through them, they will donate another one to a child in need. These are awesome bikes – everyone in my town is obsessed with them, and I bet your kid would love one. I can’t wait to get Stella on one!

Axel on his Strider Bike



  1. Gosh darn it, I just ordered one last night and it’s shipped. I thought of Axel as Matthew tried out the bike in the store and as I submitted my order. Axel is why we know about Strider bikes, and it was purchased in his honor last night… Even if just in my mind.

    1. Awh bummer! I’ve been meaning to post this for days too! I hope Matthew loves his bike – they are seriously awesome.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing about how we can support Axel’s family’s mission. I only wish Harriet was old enough to use one now. Know that we will definitely be purchasing from them when the time comes.

    I didn’t even know this family. I only heard of them through you, but they come to mind so, so, so often. I am continuing to pray for their healing from this trauma.

    1. Harriet is totally old enough!! The bikes are meant to be started at 18 months – they use the no pedal concept, so the child learns how to propel it using his/her own balance and legs. We’re getting one for Stells asap, and I see kids < 2 tooling around on them all the time here in town!

  3. Every single time I read anything at all you post about sweet Axel, the tears start. I am so glad his family have been able to put that energy into such an amazing, positive project. Wow. I don’t think we would be able to easily get a bike down here but I will definitely pass the word on to others.

  4. I have been so haunted by this boy’s death. I am so glad his family is finding the strength to transform their grief. I poked around their blog, and was really touched to read that they were contacted by the Krim family (whose 2 young kids were murdered by their nanny in NYC). It must be such a lonely place to be, and of course a horrible thing to share in common, but I was so glad that they were not alone.

  5. […] Most of you probably remember when I wrote last March about my grief surrounding the horrible murder of one of Stella’s daycare playmates. His parents have spent the last 8 months trying to do something amazing with his memory. […]

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