The Monday Snapshot – Road Rash

Well, we can now mark “falling face first into the cement & dirt off the side of the porch” off of Stella’s bucket list. Oops! She has a Melissa & Doug shopping cart (which she ADORES – seriously – go buy it now, it’s like a portable toy box), and usually it’s only allowed inside. Somehow we have gotten lax over that rule the past couple of weeks, and it has magically made the transition to a toy that can be pushed onto the back deck…which doesn’t have a railing. We knew it was a recipe for disaster, but I kind of figured she had to learn somehow. Of course, I had hoped she’d let go of the damn cart when it inevitably got run off the side! No such luck.


I was inside making dinner with a girl friend on Saturday night, and Charlie was in the back yard playing horseshoes with the guys. This means Stella was between the two of us – but about 30′ away from either of us. Everyone heard the commotion, and a collective “OH SHIT” was heard across the property. By the time Charlie pulled the cart off her and swept her up, I was at his side, staring at my screaming child (who had a mouthful of gravel and a bleeding nose) thinking #MOMFAIL.

Thankfully her teeth were all intact, and she survived with minor scrapes and bruises down her face, right forearm, and right leg. *sigh* Once we got the gravel off her tongue, she was actually a pretty happy child! I was proud of my quick rebounder. 🙂

These pics are from that night – she actually looks worse now that everything is scabbing over! I told her it makes her look tough. 🙂


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  1. We always say “you’re a tough girl” to Chloe if she gets hurt or is scared of something. Hopefully she’ll continue to buy that as she gets older. 🙂 I’m sure it was an awful sight to see after the fact, but so glad she bounced back quickly!

  2. Awwww! Poor sweetie!! It has to happen sometime! She’s a tough girl for sure!

  3. Poor baby, gravel cuts are the worst! I always say Avery will learn, but I always hope it is a lesson less painful than it usually is.

  4. Poor thing 🙁 And, of course it had to happen on front of a bunch of people. Nothing like mom-failing in public 😉

  5. Ooh poor girl 🙁 It does make her look tough though. Good for her for rebounding so quickly, it was probably harder for you to move past it!

  6. Oh Stella! Good gracious! Giving your mama a heart attack!

  7. Elizabeth · · Reply

    Poor Stells! Her boo boo looks so sore. I am happy to hear she wasn’t too bothered by it.

  8. Ouch! Glad she’s okay. It’s bound to happen, but certainly scary!

  9. Hard to put a band aid on that one….poor girl, and mommy….

  10. Yeah, that second or third day of healing is always the “ugliest” but she’s one tough cookie…Those are times when I find myself more traumatized than my kid. It’s crazy, but she’ll go back to playing after a face plant on the sidewalk or off the patio with a mouth full of grass and I’ll be doing breathing exercises to get my BP back down to normal. So glad she and her teeth survived…and most importantly so did you…

  11. Oh Stella bear!!! Still cute even with your little messed up face. Falling over is a rite of initiation into kid hood 😉 x

  12. St. Elsewhere · · Reply

    LOL, my kid incidentally intentionally dipped her face in dirt to test the yummy gravel. She did not like it, and I don’t think it will be repeated.

    Stells looks pretty even with the bruising.

    I am hoping you were not too hard on yourself for letting her out of your sight.

  13. St. Elsewhere · · Reply

    Just curious, how hard has it been on you to take care of your pregnant self while being busy with Stella? Have there been any specific things you have intentionally changed after you came to know of the pregnancy?

    1. Super hard – mostly because of the horrible puking/nausea honestly. Thank God my husband and MIL have been around a lot to help. I have to make a conscious effort to just sit/lay down when I’m feeling like crap at night and let (ask) my husband to take over the toddler duty.

  14. Oh my goodness, poor girl!! 🙁 These toddlers… seriously always keeping us on our toes. Anthony caught Lids yesterday as she stood up and DOVE head first off the bed on purpose. What a catch! Crazy kids! 😉

  15. Poor dear!!! I hope she’s healing up okay! Youch!

    I am scared to death of Harriet breaking a tooth. I feel like she falls all the time and it’s the first thing I check. So glad Stella’s chompers are in tact!

  16. Elizabeth :: Bébé Suisse · · Reply

    Aww … poor little face! Good thing she has such a lovely sparkly necklace on to distract us from the scrapes!

    1. That’s her teething necklace. 🙂

  17. Miss Mac · · Reply

    Oh bless her! We will be so lucky if we can hang on to these baby teeth until they are meant to come out… falls and crashes happen every day even when we’re within one foot… it just happens fast. Glad to hear she recovered quickly. We like to say “shake it off” and get him to brush his hands after a fall while my mom and mom-in-law look at me like I’m crazy for not doing the “poor baby” act.

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