The Monday Snapshot – B&W Finery Edition

Last weekend a close family friend’s daughter had a fancy black & white engagement party at her parent’s house here in the area. The wedding is going to be out in California (where the bride & groom live now) in September, and they knew most people wouldn’t be able to make it, so they had a party here first to celebrate with the Colorado family and friends. I thought that was quite nice of them. 🙂

At any rate, it was a fun reason for Charlie and I to get a babysitter for the night and get dressed up in our finest black & white duds! Charlie had black suit pants and a white button down shirt on, and I had a strapless white summer dress and white fancy flip flops on. I really wish I’d have insisted on a full length pic of us, but ah well, here we are in a good ole iPhone selfie. photoIt wasn’t too long of a night – we were home by 9 (though we hear the party went much later!) – but it sure was fun to get out and about sans kiddo for a night!


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  1. Great pic! Glad you guys had a good time just the two of you! Date nights sans baby are always good and I think should be required to make sure marriages stay strong in the mist of the daily grind.


  2. Cute picture! Sounds like a really fun party.


  3. Both of your kids are destined to have beautiful smiles, there is no way they couldn’t based on you two!!!!!!


  4. I seriously think you are one of the most photogenic couple I have ever seen.


  5. You two are such a beautiful couple!! People must tell you that all the time because I think I do every time I see a photo of you together 😉


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