The Monday Snapshot – Fake Sleeper Edition

Lately one of Stella’s favorite things to do is “fake sleep.” It started as a game with Daddy, because whenever he would he the one to go into her room to get her in the morning, she’d drop back to the crib mattress, pull her blanket over her body, and close her eyes and pretend to sleep. LOL. As soon as he went to walk out of the room though, she’d pop up and be all “DADADADADA!!!!”

Now she’s extended it to the car seat, the stroller, the couch…pretty much anytime she doesn’t want to do the next activity on the agenda – she pretends to be asleep, though the shit eating grin on her face tends to give her away.

What a goofball… 🙂


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On a random side note, I just posted this on my Facebook status about mine and Charlie’s Dopplegängers . 😉

I know that half of you will roll your eyes at this and half of you will agree with me, but I am SO STINKING EXCITED for Kate & William today. I’m glad they were able to avoid photographers on the way to the hospital this morning (every birthing mother deserves that privacy!!), and I pray she has a smooth, empowering birth experience today. What an exciting time in their lives! 

Ps – I read she might be using Hypnobabies (which I used), which makes me doubly excited for her!!


  1. Oh my gosh, this is the cutest!!! I was also glad the royal couple avoided photographers. As much as I can’t wait to hear boy or girl and the name, I do hope that they also receive privacy in that respect and the palace is the first to break the news.

    1. Totally! The parents should get to decide when to break the news (since the “where” and “how” are already established by royal decree or whatever! *LOL*).

  2. This cracks me up! She really is such a little ham, isn’t she?? Does she do the fake snore? Sofia does! Huuuchhh-shoooo. It cracks me up, as does the little shit-eating grin! These girls, I tell ya!!

    And I also had a big ol’ crush on Prince William when I was younger. You’re right that Charlie bears an amazing resemblance to him! Wow!! I was glad to hear they’d made it to the hospital under cover of darkness, but can’t wait to hear the news! 😉

    1. She is a TOTAL ham – makes us laugh every day. She tries to fake snore, but can’t quite do it yet. 🙂

      Ya – if Charlie hadn’t had his nose broken as a kid thanks to street hockey, he’d look even more like William! (that’s what the hump in C’s nose is from)

  3. What a little ham! Its so fun to see their personalities come out like that and realize they are little people too with their own big ideas and imaginations.

  4. I am laughing so hard at her! She is hysterical!

  5. mcmissis · · Reply

    She’s so funny. Gracie only fake slept on me once. She was about that age and was getting in trouble. Hahaha

  6. I LOVE that she fake sleeps to deter the next activity. Taylor will fake sleep, but she doesn’t do it to deter an activity. She just likes to play “night night”. What a little stinker!

  7. So funny! Where do kids come up with this stuff? ha! I’m excited for Kate too- I usually don’t have TV on during the day, but I’ve been glued to it all morning- waste of time, yes, but I don’t want to miss the announcement!

  8. Oh, my! Too cute! I would let her get away with anything!

  9. What a cutie. I love it!

  10. That cracks me up….I used to do it when my parents checked on me at night, I’ve always been a night owl. It started when I was 3 and used to drive my parents mad…but I was old enough to hide the smile…so freaking cute!!!

  11. Love her and her fake-sleep. So funny, so cute. And yay for Kate and Wills – thank goodness their baby’s here so I can stop refreshing the Daily Mail website and get back to my own!

  12. This is so funny! E does the same thing – only she also pretends to snore. Love it so much!!!!

  13. Honestly, I was reading this last night on my phone (so I couldn’t comment then because it’s an abnormally huge PITA) and thinking to myself how much Stella reminds me of Gracie! It’s crazy, that little side grin is so incredibly familiar. She’s been doing the “side eye” recently, looks exactly like someone saying “You have no idea what I’ve just done to you, prepare to be WRECKED”. It’s terrifying. I immediately assume poop is somewhere hiding in the house.

  14. haha oh my gosh, she cracks me up!! This is so cute!! And although Alidia doesn’t do this (yet), it totally reminds me of something she would do. Gotta love toddler silliness… and cleverness!

  15. She has SUCH personality! Love it. (-:

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