The Monday Snapshot – Underwear Lover

Well, the potty training continues to go pretty amazingly well! I know that every kid is different and that this isn’t necessarily the norm, but somehow I *knock on wood* think we’ve hit the sweet spot in timing for Stella with this particular life event, and … ya, we are stoked. Since I wrote my post last week, she has not had a diaper on while awake at all. Nana put shorts on her (but no diaper) on Thursday/Friday while she was watching her, and for the weekend we went and bought underwear (HFS my baby wears underwear?!) and she’s worn them all weekend. This includes during a half hour drive to the next town over, a Target shopping trip and a grocery store trip, and a drive home.

We still ask her every 30-60 minutes if she has to go if it’s been awhile, but she is generally telling us on her own. INSANE IN THE MEMBRANE. There have been two minor accidents when she started to go and realized, stopped, and finished in the toilet — that’s it.

So ridiculously proud of my kid’s toiletry habits right now. And now I’ll quit boring you with stories of her waste and instead leave you with this adorable picture. I think she might like her new underwear [“my clothes!”] a little too much!



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  1. lparsons15 · · Reply

    Way to go Stella! This is awesome! She is so cute!

  2. What a good girl! I am so proud of her too! Weaning and potty training, this little lady is handling growing up like a champ. Cute little tushy! Love all her underwear choices. 🙂

    Right on you guys! That’s so great you will not have two in diapers. I know it’s Stella’s doing, but you gotta feel like great parents, because you are! 🙂

  3. So cute!

  4. That is just awesome. I so wish we could get Tay there before her little brother arrives.

  5. Wow, she is doing so well! Love the pic! And what cute undies!

  6. What a big girl!! And I’m thinking the same “HFS!” 🙂

  7. She is doing awesomely!!! 🙂 Lids is just getting into this now… telling me ‘pee pee’ or ‘poo poo’ whenever she has to go (but still hates the potty). Ordered her panties last night! Eeek!

  8. Elizabeth · · Reply

    She can’t be any more adorable!

  9. I’m glad this is going so well!!

  10. We bit the bullet and bought some potties to put in the bathrooms, upstairs and down so she has access. They came in the mail today. Thought I would offer her an opportunity to try it out and let her pretend before we go bottomless/diaperless. She’s been mimicking me when I go because of course I can’t go to the potty without an audience of 2 dogs and a daughter. So with this we’re winging it and seeing what she’s interested in doing. Stella is such a big girl! Can’t believe she’s wearing underwear, and such stylish ones to boot! I wonder if they make them small enough for Raegan, LOL.

  11. Love the pic! I have a pic of Ginny wearing her first undies on her head. Hilarious.

    And yay for you guys having so much potty training success! Can I send Ginny over for some of that potty juju to rub off on her?

  12. Hilarious! What a great shot.

  13. That is adorable and super impressive! I hope it’s true that girls do this more quickly because we are lightyears away from even talking about it.

  14. haha, so cute!! Go Stella!

  15. Adorable! When we were potty training Elizabeth that was her favorite part-picking out big girl undies at the store 🙂 I’m glad to hear it’s going beautifully!

  16. That is so freaking awesome! And holy crap, that picture! I already see it in a slideshow being shown at her wedding!

  17. This is soooo great!! Way to go, Stella!!! And I LOVE the zebra undies!! 😀

    1. They’re my favorite pair as well!

  18. Desiree · · Reply

    I am dying over her putting on all her undies!! So cute!

    And I am insanely jealous that it’s going so well. It’s still totally hit or miss with Sofia and I’m hoping that any day now something will click and she’ll use the potty. She’ll tell me sometimes when she’s already gone, but for the most part she’s still a total stealth pooper. I was really hoping to have her potty-trained by the time the new baby gets here, and I really have to remind myself that this is on her time, not mine.

    But I really wish it could be on my time…. 🙂

  19. This is HILARIOUS!!!! And way to go on the potty training! I’m impressed to say the least!

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