19 Weeks – The Turning Point!

Well, this has been a really fun couple of weeks in this pregnancy! You never thought I’d say that, did ya? 🙂 The nausea is completely gone (as long as I eat every couple of hours), and the fatigue is much better since we got our new king bed. I LOVE THAT BED.

As far as other pregnancy symptoms, I’m having some of the skin itching and round ligament pains from growing so quickly lately. I don’t really remember these from my last pregnancy, but I’m definitely noticing them this time around. I’m up to about 170# now, which means I’m up 9# in the past 7 weeks, even with increased movement and eating sensibly (about 2,000 cal/day). EEK! My breasts are also seeming fuller/bigger lately, though I’m still wearing the same bras. FWIW, my bras are old and stretched out and shot to shit. After this kid and nursing and such, I will be in desperate need of some new lingerie – I can’t wait! The heartburn is also ramping up (boo!), and I’m really hoping I can avoid the carpal tunnel this time around. *fingers crossed*

By far and away the best parts of these past couple weeks has been MOVEMENT (I felt the first kicks at Denver Airport on August 4th at 17w4d. I was thinking I felt it later with Stella, but I just went back and read and it looks like I felt movement for the first time during the same week with Stella.) and finding out that IT’S A BOY! It’s been really good for me to be able to lay down and concentrate on my body and this baby and this pregnancy (something I hadn’t done nearly enough of this pregnancy) and sometimes FEEL the little man giving me a kick to say hello. 🙂

I’m beyond thankful to know that there is a healthy little boy growing inside of me. Life is good.

My little photo bomber. :)

My little photo bomber. 🙂


  1. So glad you are getting to enjoy it!!!!!!! You look great!!!

  2. You look great and Stella is just precious :).

  3. You look great! And Stella – she just cracks me up!!

    Those first few fluttering kicks are so amazing. Not trying to rush but I can’t wait to hear what Stella thinks when she can feel the baby kicking!

  4. Great photo! You look terrific!

  5. I am so glad that the nausea is all gone!! 🙂 You look fantastic (as always) and I just love Stella standing so perfectly for the photo. Ohh the kicks… I miss those!!

  6. Making that turn for the better….So glad you’ve finally gotten there. I hope you really get to enjoy the rest of this pregnancy and I love this pic…too cute for words….

  7. You look great- and I love Stella’s bed head. So glad you are feeling better and feeling kicks- I miss the kicks 🙂 My SIL is 38 weeks preg and has carpal tunnel and is miserable- I didn’t know you had dealt with that before. I hope you can avoid it too! Yay for healthy, growing little boy!

    1. Ya, I had to wear wrist braces 24/7 and was going to the chriopractor for kineso tape on it. It was awful!

  8. Oh yay! Baby brother for Miss Stella!!

  9. mcmissis · · Reply

    That color looks amazing on you! Also, you totally can’t even see your belly in this pic – weird. Maybe it’s bc you actually have a shirt on hahaha. Stella looks HILARIOUS 🙂

    1. It is kinda weird! Believe me, the belly is VERY OBVIOUS in real life – both from the front & the side!

      Speaking of, YOU should take a belly pic lady!!

    2. I second this – that teal is your color!

      1. Haha – so weird, it’s the only item of clothing I own in that color, and it was a hand-me-down from my MIL’s friend who just lost weight and it was “way too big on [her] – maybe it will fit [you]!” Um, thanks. LOL

  10. Love to hear all the fun, positive things in this post!! I can’t wait for you to meet your boy! Dare I say, he may have you wrapped around his little finger more than S…not that I know by experience or anything… 🙂

  11. I’m so glad that everything is going SO WELL! Stella is an awesome little photo bomber. 😉

  12. St. Elsewhere · · Reply

    Congrats on your boy, and that you are feeling better.

    I have been given feelers that I must try for a boy, and I am just busy creating an underground chromosome lab so that I can calculate and become pregnant with just the right sex.

    Anyways, I loved the picture. Stella is a cutie.

    1. *snort* Exactly. So ridiculous!

  13. lparsons15 · · Reply

    So happy for you guys! You look so beautiful! SO glad there is no more puking!

  14. You look great! So glad to hear you’re feeling better. Hopefully the rest of this pregnancy is bliss!

  15. That’s so awesome!!

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