21 Weeks – Halfway There!

Phew. It’s pretty surreal to think that even if I go to 42 full weeks (oh please God, no – I sure liked the 38w timeline last time), I am officially half way done with this pregnancy…my last pregnancy.

It’s a bittersweet feeling as a person who doesn’t especially like being pregnant, as I’m finally in that sweet spot of pregnancy where you feel pretty good, you look pregnant instead of fat but can still breath and move with relative ease, the heartburn and fatigue and such are there but not debilitating…and you get the huge benefit of feeling the baby starting to kick & punch and move before anyone else gets to feel it. It’s becoming real to me that this little person growing inside of me will be in my arms before I know it. Every day I think about how crazy it is that I’m even getting to experience this a second time, and although I’m not a huge fan of being pregnant, I am a huge fan of the little human that is a result of the process, so I know it’s all worth it in the end.

Also, for some reason I’ve come across a lot of late-term baby loss blogs lately (2nd & 3rd tri), and WHOOO-BOY, do I have to just click away as fast as possible. I know how rare it is, but it scares the hell out of me if I think about it too much. I’m trying to stay in the blissfully happy and expectant frame of mind that all is going to turn out well with a healthy little boy in my arms, preferably sometime between December 18 – January 22. You hear that little man? Please stay put for another 16-21 weeks growing big & strong & healthy!

I had my monthly midwife check-up yesterday and everything is going well. I’m getting to that point where I need to make decisions about what tests I want to do/opt out of for the rest of this pregnancy & the kiddo’s first days of life, which feels pretty darn crazy if i’m being honest! Whether or not to get the prenatal Rhogam shot (I’m RH-), whether or not to do the gestational diabetes test, and whether or not to do the GBS test are the three things that I need to decide ASAP. The newborn procedures for the baby I’m pretty educated on and already have decisions made on, but some of this stuff affecting me I just never researched last time b/c it was presented as being something one just did. At any rate, it’s a crazy feeling to be making decisions like this again. Exciting though!

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  1. Elizabeth · · Reply

    As always, you look great! Happy to hear you are feeling well and things are going good. I never really enjoyed being pregnant either but I often find myself missing it. And to know we are done is not always easy either.

  2. Heather · · Reply

    Why would you not do the gestational diabetes test?

    1. Good question. 🙂 Because I (1) have to pay out of pocket for it, (2) don’t have a lot of faith in the accuracy of the results – who eats that much sugar in one sitting anyway? It’s not realistic. (3) the “cure” for it is to eat healthier, less carbs, less sugar, exercise more, and deliver the baby — all of which I’m doing already!

    2. PS – I added a couple of links in the post above about GBS and the glucose test. I’m still looking for a good one re: the Rh- stuff. Interesting stuff when you start researching!

      1. Heather · · Reply

        Thanks! Those are all excellent points. The test is covered my my insurance so I’ve never questioned whether or not to take it.

  3. Josey, you look great! Really popped since last week!;) so fun’

  4. Halfway there??? You’re only five weeks ahead of me, but in every stage so far, it seems like ten million. You look great, as always.

  5. Let me know what you come up with the Rh- stuff. I’m Rh- negative and have had shots during and after my first pregnancy and during this one too. I wasn’t given an option. They just said – you’re Rh-? SHOTS!

    1. Will do! I’m reading this now: http://summaries.cochrane.org/CD000020/anti-d-administration-in-pregnancy-for-preventing-rhesus-alloimmunisation (also have the full text if you’re interested)… I’m leaning against doing it at 28w since I’ve had no vaginal bleeding, no traumatic delivery, no trauma to the belly, no miscarriages, etc. but I’ll write more about it later for sure! I WILL be getting it post-delivery, it’s the 28w one that I’m not convinced is actually necessary or all that beneficial.

  6. Wow, you are already halfway there! Time sure does fly. You look fantastic. And I am with you on the GD test- I feel like it can’t be that accurate and if you are already doing the “cure”, why pay out of pocket?

  7. I’m glad that you’re experiencing the brief window of pregnancy being somewhat enjoyable now! You look great!

  8. How in the world are you halfway done already?! Didn’t you just announce that you were pregnant? 😉 You look amazing and I’m rooting for you, and also stay AWAY from the late term loss blogs. You’ll be too scared to sleep until they hand you your screaming baby and that’s no good for anyone.

    Good job chick!!

  9. lparsons15 · · Reply

    You look great! I had no idea the gestational diabetes test was optional!

  10. Wow I didn’t even know you could get shots for Rh- when you were pregnant. I am Rh- had 3 miscarriages and 1 little boy. I’ve only had 2 shots for 2 of the miscarriages the other one they said it wasn’t neccessary. After I had Toby he is Rh- so didn’t need one either. Interesting how different things are in different countries.

    1. Wow, that is SO different! What I’ve read shows that the US does it prophylactically and the UK does it as needed (the US used to recommend either method but changed their minds about 10 years ago). What country do you live in?

  11. You look absolutely fabulous!! Interesting about the Rhogam shot. It’s given as standard practice here and is very common considering historically the Basque population is Rh-. Not a factor for me because I’m positive and Stan’s negative.

    1. I’m working on a detailed post about all of this – it’s interesting stuff. Odd it’s standard practice in a historically Rh- population! I’m A-Rh- which only 7% of the population is. 😛

      1. Well, it’s just the Basque people in the north of Spain who are mostly Rh-. If I’m not mistaken, they have the largest percentage of Rh- people in the world. Also, I’m nearly certain that B and AB are almost unheard of – everyone is A or O. You sure you’re Norwegian? 😉

        Oh, and I think it’s (the shot has) become standard practice because it’s much more common for people to marry other Spaniards, not just other Basques, so you get the Rh+ dad with Rh- mom fairly frequently.

  12. Haven’t been on blog line for a while but had to check up on you. Think of you lots. Still can’t believe you are pregnant with a boy!! And so far along already. Love it. And you look stunning as usual. Stella is just precious in her cowboy outfit. I admire you for keeping up blogging on a regular basis. Looking forward to the next 20 or 18 😉 weeks!

  13. Yay! Halfway! I can definitely see how it feels bittersweet though. I hear ya.

  14. did you ask your midwife about doing a modified blood sugar test? with my midwife we basically tested my blood sugar right after I ate a big breakfast and then a few hours later to see what the levels were (with the little finger pricky test strip reader thingy that diabetics use). Everything looked good so I was able to skip the syrup. Plus big breakfasts are yummy!
    No advice on the other stuff, but I know you’ll figure it out.

    1. That’s what my friend Rhianna suggested as well. I’ll ask at my next appt at 25w. Honestly, based on all the research I’m doing, I’ll probably just skip altogether, esp when the suggested treatment is eating healthy, low carb/sugar meals & exercise. Um, check? I’m working on a post about it all – interesting stuff!

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