The Monday Snapshot – Sweet Corn Edition

Stella’s only complaint about eating sweet corn is that her fingers get too hot when she is holding the cob. It finally occurred to me to dig out my little sweet corn holder-ma-bobs this week (what are those things called anyway?) for her to use, and she highly approved. 🙂



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  1. What a good girl, getting all dirty and loving it! We haven’t tried this with Matthew yet… He likes being clean!!!

    1. She’s actually usually pretty clean about it! LOL

  2. We haven’t tried this with Sofia either, but the girl LOVES corn, so I need to!

    Also, this made me wonder – do you guys just grab the cob?!?! My corn cob holders are a staple and came with us here from the States! I’ve never eaten corn on the cob without them!

    1. Here’s what I’ve learned about sweet corn: Midwesterners boil the corn and use the holders. People in Colorado grill the corn in the husk and grab the cob with their hands. It’s weird, but I’ve converted after 9 years of being here. 🙂

      1. Ha! Interesting! As a Missouri girl who learned to shuck and eat corn from a rural Illinois girl that sounds about right (and you can probably guess who I think is “right”). Although nowadays I usually wrap the corn in foil with some butter, salt and pepper and roast it in the oven, I definitely still use the holders. 🙂

        1. I’ve tried that foil roasting method a couple of times (add a little garlic in for some delicious zing!). I’m thinking I need to start converting ppl around here to using holders though. So much nicer on the fingers!

  3. Molly LOVES corn on the cob! I’ll have to IG a pic of her!

  4. We haven’t used those with the girls yet; they just hold the corn. But those things scare the shit out of me bc a very naughty little boy we knew when we were young snuck all,of his parents’ outnifnthe kitchen, then hid them in the grass sticking bad-side-up. My sister went right in there barefoot and stepped on one as he watched and laughed. Little f*cker.

    1. I don’t mean, in anyway, that these are actually dangerous. That I’m just bizarrely traumatized hahaha

      1. Wow, completely bizarrely traumatized!!

  5. My kids could LIVE off of corn! And those corn holders (?) are a god-send! When I moved out I didn’t take our corn holders with us and my kids gave me hell for it. I made sure I got some before our next corm adventure! 🙂

  6. Ironically growing up we always boiled corn, but over the past several years we’ve switched to grilling. I used corn holders too growing up. We haven’t tried this with Raegan yet. She loves corn off the cob. Maybe we’ll get to giving it to her on the cob eventually 🙂

  7. Love this photo!! And also LOVE corn on the cob! Yum! We always use those corn holdy thingies too but Lids hasn’t tried yet because she refuses corn, but hopefully she’ll give it (another) try soon because who doesn’t like corn on the cob?!

  8. Esperanza · · Reply

    Mmmmm… yummy.

  9. Ahhhh! SO cute!

  10. Yum!

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