The Monday Snapshot – Photo Booth Edition

I have SO many fun pictures from the past week that it was really hard for me to choose just one for the Snapshot today.

  • Stella had a horrid rash last week (possibly HFM?) that covered most of her body, and the pictures are truly impressive of it — but do I really want to put those on the www?
  • We finally got the work truck decal stickers installed on Charlie’s 2 work trucks, and holy shit if we aren’t all official looking and stuff! 🙂 He already got one phone call off of it from a neighbor down the street who didn’t realize he was in the concrete business, so hopefully this little “advertising” will get us some more work. Yay!
  • On Friday, Stella and I had to drive about 2 hrs to my annual eye check-up (with the same office who did my Lasik/PRK 6 yrs ago), and Stella PROJECTILE VOMITED all over the back seat as I was driving 70mph down the highway. It was gnarly — and impressive. I JUST moved her to behind my seat (still rear facing) instead of the middle of the back seat because it’s getting too hard for me to bend over and get her into the middle (darn belly!), and she literally sprayed the passenger door with her reach. Curdled milk & strawberry yogurt. MMMMmmmm… Ya. Let’s be thankful that car sickness is a rarity for her. *Insert image of pregnant woman gagging here*
  • I got a (nesting?) hair up my butt on Saturday, and Charlie and I walked down to the local hardware store and bought two jugs of paint – one Easter Egg frickin yellow (still not quite sure what we were thinking) and one slate blue. Both of our bathrooms are now painted (one each color) and the base cabinet in each has a couple of layers of white. I’m hoping they both turn out nicely — maybe I’ll post pics when it’s complete.
  • Stella and I walked down to the park yesterday morning while Charlie was golfing, and MAN did it feel like fall. I got some cute pics of her loving the swings, and a FUNNY picture of her and I on the merry-go-round (side note – does that make anyone else get sick on those now that they’re an adult??). It was a good time. 🙂
  • Last night Stella crawled into bed with me, asked for gel (aloe vera), and grabbed the doppler trying to find the baby in HER belly. Another adorable pic ensued.
  • My favorite photo (series) of the week though had to be the one I’m posting here today. After the horrendus vomiting incident, we stopped by the mall for me to pick up another pair of maternity jeans. When we were walking by one of those photo booths, I couldn’t resist spending the $3 to see if Stella would get the concept. SCORE!



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  1. That is the sweetest thing in the whole wide world! I had no idea that was a photo booth photo when I saw it on your fb. That it must have been a collage you made after prompting her to pose… She is so advanced! Love that Stella, how fun! Also, another fun girl thing you can do with your daughter, fun at the mall. Did you ever imagine?!

    1. Ya, it was super fun! I told her to look at the picture on the screen and say “CHEESE!” — then “TOUCHDOWN!” — then “silly face!” — then “KISSES!” It was so fun to do – I highly recommend it to you in a year. 🙂

  2. What an awesome thing to do!! Now I want to find a photo booth STAT!!!

  3. I want to see all those pictures!!! Well, not the puke one :/

  4. Ugh… milk and yogurt vomit. THE WORST. Sorry you got to experience that.

    Cute pics afterwards! I need to do that with Matthew!

  5. Soooo cute. Thank God Avery has never barfed in the car. Ugh, I just can’t imagine it and being pregnant on top of it. Whew!

  6. I want to do this with G next time I’m at a mall!

    G has started lifting up his shirt and saying his word for “Baby” now that I constantly have to tell him to be gentle with me because “there’s a baby in Mommy’s tummy.”

  7. I can’t get over how grown up she looks. So adorable! I would love to do this with Raegan next time I get out of the house to do something recreational like go to the mall. As for the baby in the belly…Raegan has finally gotten the idea that her brother is in my belly and has taken to kissing my belly on a regular basis saying baby baby baby….the doppler thing tho has got to be one of the cutest things I’ve ever heard!

  8. Oh, man, merry go rounds. We went to the Munich zoo with friends in August, and there was one at the playground there and Gwen was curious to try it out, as she’d never seen one before. The only way I survived sitting on it with her was by closing my eyes or by looking fixedly at the back of her head. And even then, I was asking for off after not too long!

  9. Yeah, I’m not so good on carousels anymore either. Definitely makes me dizzy. Reminds me of an episode of Modern Family when Phil realizes he can’t go on roller coasters anymore. Sad.

    Also, yesterday I was watching an episode of The Boss and there was a big discussion about logos on trucks, etc., and the one company got a huge increase in job calls after adding the logo. So good on that front!!

    And the photo booth pics are awesome!! She’s too cute!

  10. cute pics!

    I can’t do any of the spinning things – carousels, just spinning around in circles, nada! I’m too old for the sh*t I guess. I used to have a stomach of steel. no more 🙁

  11. Love these photo booth photos!!! 🙂 I have always loved them growing up too. So fun!

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