The Monday Snapshot – Photobomb Edition

Every time that Stella hears my camera shutter go off, she comes running into the room to join in the action. When I take my weekly or monthly belly pictures is no exception – and in fact, they’re usually her favorite pictures to photobomb. 🙂  She tends to stand demurely in the background for 3-4 shots before demanding that SHE get to hold the remote control and make the camera flash go off. She is such a twirp, but I love that she likes to be involved with pictures!


7 months gestation & 23 months on the outside!



  1. Hahahahah! I love this picture!


  2. Look at you two ladies! You look terrific, and Stella is as cute as ever. I can’t get over how much she looks like Charlie. Wow!


  3. This is awesome! You look wonderful!


  4. mcmissis · · Reply

    Your hair looks pretty.


  5. You are one gorgeous lady. And Stella is too cute for words. I want to squeeze her.


  6. You two are both so beautiful. Your belly!! I love it!


  7. I love it! And you are looking awesome!!


  8. Hahahaha! I wish Taylor loved the camera as much as Stella does. She is getting pretty annoyed with my photography attempts as of late.

    You look wonderful!


  9. You look fantastic! So healthy and beautiful, you’re absolutely GLOWING. And of course Stella is gorgeous. xoxoxox


  10. Aw, 7 months is a cute belly phase. I’m in the no-longer-cute belly phase. And Stella looks like a little charmer.


    1. LOL, I know, I’m enjoying the obviously-pregnant-but-not-yet-huge phase while it lasts. That being said, I’m already grunting when I get in/out of my car, the couch, etc. Yikes!


  11. You look fantastic and Stella is transforming into quite the pretty little lady! I love her outfit. I love that she wants to be part of the action- so sweet! Not much longer until you have 2 little sidekicks- eek!


  12. You look stunning!


  13. Aww, look at your pregnancy glow! You look so gorgeous! And Stella is getting so big!


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