The Monday Snapshot – You Turn Your Back for a Second…

Yesterday I was totally zoned out on innocently watching Property Brothers (ohmygodilovethatshow), and Stella said “Mommy, my ball!” I mumbled something like “yep honey, get your ball!”… and ya, I’m ashamed to admit that’s about it. No head turn to see what she was doing. No wondering “what about that darn ball?”

Well, a few minutes later I got out of my chair and realized this is what was happening right behind me.

photo 1

Um, shit. Okay.

Mind you were JUST paid $400 to have all of the ductwork in our house professionally cleaned out last month.

I started pulling out the big items, and lo and behold, I see this:

photo 2

#&@*(@&$%. Um, shit.

The good part though is that the ball Stella mentioned? It was the 1st toy stuck in the vent — aka — it was keeping all of her blocks from being able to turn the corner into the lateral ductwork.

I’m going to count that as a #win.


  1. It could be worse, waiting and wishing just had a post about finding one of her twins halfway in the heating vent!

  2. Lexi was constantly taking the vent off so my husband finally screwed it down – otherwise, I am sure this would have been happening in our house as well!

    1. Stella has NEVER taken the cover off before – never even occurred to me that she would!

  3. Wow. That is amazing.

  4. lparsons15 · · Reply

    WOW! Sneaky Stella!

  5. I don’t have central heating/air at my current house, but did in my last one prior to having children, and I learned with owning ferrets that every vent in the house must be screwed down, or they will get into them, put things in them, etc. Ferrets get into far more things than toddlers ever can, so with my years of owning ferrets and having my house ferret proofed, it also made it toddler proof, LOL One trick I learned with ferrets that always works with toddlers is if they go quiet for more than a short period of time, you know they are up to no good 🙂

  6. hahaha oh this cracked me up!! Had to show Anthony too! Totally something that would happen with us and Lids (ashamed to admit also but we all zone out sometimes, right?!) Also, property brothers.. yes!!

  7. Lol, too funny! Thank god for that ball, lol.

  8. omg!!! hysterical!!

  9. Lol!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Made my day! Silly Stells!

    Ever pulls the vent cover of all the time in her room. I’m so afraid shell side right in or something. Never thought she’s shove every loving toy in there!

  10. So awesome!!! My girls pull them off all the time, but have never put anything in them (other than their feet and hands.) What a clever hoarder 🙂

    Also, I hope she was hiding things she likes and not trying to get rid of things she hates bc I see the I’m a Big Sister book in there 😉

  11. Omg this is AMAZING. I can’t wait to have a toddler! (I’m not even being sarcastic.) Also, you’ll get a kick out of this website if you haven’t seen it already:

  12. That is hilarious!!! Oh Miss Stella you crack me up! Property Brothers rock!

  13. Elizabeth · · Reply

    This is one of those “hilarious as long as it’s not happening to you” things!

  14. Can’t wait to see what she gets into when you’re busy feeding the new baby 🙂

  15. This made me laugh out loud!

    G loves messing with the vents. Luckily he hasn’t put anything down them (they’re gross, so he may not get anything back if he does), but the ones in our kitchen are now screwed down (Hubby never got around to screwing down the others).

  16. Ha! This would totally happen to me. Example: my laptop sports the unmistakable marks of a toddler’s coloring enthusiasm. I’m glad she put the ball down first so there was no crisis!

  17. Had to laugh. Ours are plastic and H’s right leg crashed through it… rescued him with one leg out, one in and soon after replaced them with metal ones. I would have never guessed… the messes they get into- literally! :]

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