The Monday Snapshot – Chai Tea Party Ed

In our house, Stella drinks water & organic milk only. No sugary juices or sodas, no other crazy stuff. I mean, really, milk & water is all you need as a kid.

However, lately we’ve been noticing that her tea parties are always “chai tea” parties, and when her Nana picked her up the other day after work, Stella immediately asked her for some chai. Nana responded, “you know we don’t have chai at night, Stella.”

Hm… :\ Β Darn Nanas…



  1. Lyla gets a jelly bean when she goes potty. The other day she was upstairs with granny and grandpa and I noticed she was going to the bathroom over and over again. When they came downstairs, Gracie yelled, “Lyla got 20 jelly beans!” Twenty is the highest number she knows, so she uses it as hyperbole. Then grandpa embarrassingly jumped in, “No, she didn’t! I didn’t know she was only supposed to get one.” So I asked how many she did get, and he admitted he gave her 8!!!!! For one tiny pee! Grandparents.

    1. LOL, grandparents indeed. πŸ™‚

  2. I have struggled with Grandparents and juice, I am fine with Avery getting diluted V8 Fusion to get her more fruits and veggies and to help keep her regular (an issue we have had since birth). But I found out my parents were giving her juice before she was even 18 months. I had many conversations and they just do what they want. I know it was ok in your day, but it doesn’t matter, I am her mom and even if the AAP is fine with it, I may not be. Side note the APP does not recommend juice before 2, it was just an example!

    As Avery talks more and more, I have a feeling she going to get my parents in trouble a lot.

    1. Ha – I’ve thought the same thing. Stella is now telling us more and more about what she does at Nana’s house, and ya, they definitely don’t follow my wishes on a lot of things. Frustrating!

    2. Ugh we have had the juice talk with MIL a billion times, and still nothing. I have already vowed to let my girls do what they think is best for their future kids no matter what we think is best right now.

  3. I try to pick my battles on this one, especially now G is (1) with me most of the time and (2) can eat anything. G rarely gets juice at home, so if MiL wants to give him some I don’t fight it. But I had to put my foot down when MiL wanted to give G a bunch of sugar cookies at 9 months.

    I swear grandparents have parenting amnesia though! Were *we* really good at keeping secrets at our kids’ age? I doubt it.

    My FiL actually got my MiL in trouble the last time we let them watch G. MiL gave G candy and cookies before we walked through the door and then couldn’t figure out why he wasn’t eating dinner 30 min later. FiL called her out on what she did and she was desperately trying to dig herself out of a hole πŸ™‚

    I have issues with my parents sometimes, but my inlaws are worse. The blanket in the crib was one neither pair did I as I asked, despite trying to tell them about new SIDS studies. MiL has “I’m the grandma I’ll do what I want” syndrome and it gives me much anxiety, ugh.

  4. Does Chai have caffeine in it? I know it comes in all different ways, and I’m a chai drinker, but haven’t seen it caffeine free.

    I’m having similar experience with Ever and childcare today..Gah. And daycare fed her chicken. Um!! I haven’t decided if she’s going to be a vegetarian or not, and at the very least if I was going to feed her chicken, I’d want to be there to see what her reception was! But I choose my battles with them, and since BFing is making me crave and eat chicken myself I let it slide since she is getting animal protein by proxy.

    She’s so cute! Nearly two years old. Just a coupla weeks!

    1. Ya, it usually does have caffeine. I haven’t even asked my MIL which kind she drinks b/c I don’t want to get all *RAGE* on her… Ahem.

      Yikes – meat is a big deal if the kid’s parents are vegetarian! Crazy!

      1. Ha! Same here. I don’t ask when I don’t want to know the answer!

  5. We don’t do juice either. Organic milk or water for Grace. Well, as far as I know! In a very weak pregnancy craving moment a few weeks ago, I selected a PopTart as my nutritious breakfast of choice. Well, Grace had a fit over it and even called it by name!!! My husband promptly picked up the phone and asked his mother if she knew how Grace would know what a Pop Tart was….It was followed by some silence and stuttering coming from her end, at which point he left the room with the phone…I hope someone will be here to remind me of these frustrating moments when I am one day hopefully a grandmother πŸ™‚

    1. Asked for it by name, eh? You’re BUSTED grandma!

  6. haha oh grandparents!! We aren’t with grandparents enough to have this problem but I do have it with Alidia’s daycare where she was given juice for the first time.. and many times after that!! Had to talk about it with them more than once. Arrg! Now I am not so strict about juice but only let them or me give her a little bit at a time, never a whole cup or even half a cup, and usually from our juicer so with all fresh fruit/veggies.. or from the stores around town who all make fresh natural juices.. so I can’t imagine that is too too bad.

    1. That juice sounds awesome!! MUCH different than the sugary processed stuff here that most ppl give their kids. I have absolutely nothing against fresh fruit & veggie juices. πŸ™‚

  7. kaseypowers · · Reply

    grandparents are so sneaky.

  8. Ha- this made me laugh. Living with my parents has been eye opening- who are these child spoilers?! Just a few minutes ago my mom was helping Charlotte drink sugary lemonade from her glass- ha!

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