33 Weeks

Well, as I wrote yesterday, I’ve been struggling with a few feelings lately that are kind of driving me nuts. Namely, feeling under pressure (from myself) about wanting everything to go perfectly this time – NOT because I’m in denial that every birthing time is different and that I need to willing and able to go with the flow, but more because of what my friend Em so perfectly expressed in her comment yesterday:

Thanks so much for talking about both the ups and downs of home birth. It’s a controversial (but great) choice and so I think that sometimes my friends who choose home birth don’t feel comfortable being vulnerable about the downsides of it. They don’t want people to jump on those doubts/fears/concerns and tell them that they’re making a poor decision. So again, thanks for being so open about all of this. I think it makes women who choose home birth seem less like heroes and more like…women. Which is good for all of us…especially those choosing home birth. Perhaps if the existing stigmas are lessened somewhat by women being open about it, that pressure you’re feeling now won’t be felt as strongly by women who come after you.


So that’s something I’m working on, and I feel about a million times better just by having written it out yesterday, so thank you for reading and commenting!

As for other pregnancy thoughts/news, there’s not much happening. My belly is continuing to grow, though I’m still struggling with weight gain (which is, repeat with me, SO WEIRD). After losing weight last week, I made a concerted effort to eat and drink as much as I could stand all week (which I know still isn’t a ton – I just feel so FULL all the time) and gained a whopping .5#, so I’m up about 16# to 176.7# – the same weight I was at 4wks ago. *sigh* My midwife isn’t worried b/c my belly is continuing to grow appropriately – he just warned that it will result in me feeling run down as my body takes nutrients for the baby, so I need to concentrate on continuing to eat nutritiously as often as possible. I also got a lecture about not working out enough, and he said the best thing he could have…

We attended a birth last Friday for a first time Mom. Everything went great, but she did comment afterwards that she was surprised but what HARD WORK it was. Make sure you don’t regret not focusing on getting your body strong for this delivery, Josey!

So noted.

I actually remember thinking last time something like “MAN this is hard – I wish my legs were stronger!” — so ya, I’m back on the work out wagon, at least for strength exercises (squats) and more walking/elliptical exercise for endurance reasons.

No, I don’t think my ass will look like that if I do squats while pregnant. 🙂

So yep, there’s the plan. This baby will be considered full term in FOUR FRICKIN WEEKS, and he could feasibly come anytime 4-9 weeks from now. That’s insane and exciting and BAM…will be here before I know it. I can’t wait. 🙂

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  1. I can’t believe how fast your pregnancy seems to have gone! I’m glad you are working through the issues before the big day. I gained no weight from weeks 28-34, I was eating as healthy as ever but due to GD couldn’t gain weight with the types of goods I was eating regardless of quantity. E kept growing steadily regardless, and I’m sure that your boy is growing just fine too.

    Funny the weight and length you put down for the week, E was born at 34 weeks, 5 lbs, and 18 inches!

    Counting down with you, can’t wait to “meet” the little guy!

    1. I thought about you when I wrote those baby stats. SO crazy to me that little man could be born now!!

      Good to know I’m not the only one with weird non-gaining problems. 🙂

  2. So glad to hear you’re feeling better than yesterday after just letting it out. As for the rest of it, I’d say having to eat more is a pretty ok problem to have 😛

    1. LOL, yeah. Like I said, it’s a WEIRD problem to have for me!

  3. Oh wow, you are getting so close. Excited for you! Keep taking care of yourself!

  4. I need to be better at squats the next time I get pregnant too. But look at your skinny legs in those pants! Only a few more weeks momma! 🙂

    1. HAHAHAHA. You’re joking, right? Those are maternity pants that are baggy and dropping and ill fitting — but I guess that maybe it makes my legs look skinny inside of them since they don’t fit well? 😉

  5. I am so happy for you and so excited that you’re so close to the finish line! I will definitely be living vicariously through you on your home birth experience and I’m wishing you so many rainbows and unicorns and happy thoughts and good vibes!

    You look amazing and you’re going to be just as strong as you need to be to get that baby Earthside! You got this Josey!!

  6. Getting so close!! I cannot believe it! You still look fantastic. And if your belly is still growing on track, it sounds like you are doing fine… although I know a bit of extra nutrients will always help. I never really thought about working out while pregnant but that makes so much sense. You wouldn’t run a marathon without lots of ‘practice’ beforehand so it would be crazy to do nothing for 9 months then expect to easily do all the hard work of labour and delivery!!

    Must go back and read your other post now as I am reading through posts in reverse order.. oops!

  7. Getting close now. Try not to out so much pressure on yourself for something you can only prepare for, not control. 😉

  8. St. Elsewhere · · Reply

    Wow….time sure has flown by!

    I am so sorry…I have always wanted to leave a comment on this post of yours but I could not get down to it till now, and most of my words have now evaporated in foggy air.

    I loved that comment you got. This is what I especially love: “I think it makes women who choose home birth seem less like heroes and more like…women.”

    I hope that the kind words you got have helped alleviate the sense of pressure.

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