The Monday Snapshot – Birth Without Fear Edition

“Twas another busy weekend in our household, but overall it was a fun one! I spent all day Friday cleaning, organizing, and putting up Christmas decorations because on Saturday, my girlfriend threw me a “fill the freezer” baby shower at my house (huge  props to Arch Mama for the idea!). Basically, my friend wanted to celebrate this baby somehow, but I felt uncomfortable getting gifts from people because we really have everything we need, so the compromise was a shower where people came with a dish to throw in my freezer. This means that (1) I have a deep freeze full of good eats that we can pull out and cook as needed in those early days when I’m exhausted and not able to cook, and (2) I got to spend a couple of hours sitting around with my girlfriends, laughing and chatting about life and this baby. Also, it was supposed to be a no gifts shower (beyond the food, of course), but my neighbor gave me this necklace, and MAN did I bawl. She wore it in the weeks leading up to her own birthing time, and she wanted to pass on the message and strength to another birthing mama. How cool is that?!! I LOOOOVE the website by the same name too – they post lots of great birth stories (including my own last June!) as well as lots of educational info about the choices women can make during their pregnancies and birthing times. Right up my alley. 🙂

On Sunday morning we went to church as usual, and I just had to get a picture of Stella in front of the Christmas tree that Charlie talked me into putting up. When I first set it up, Stella gasped and said, “Mama, it’s BEAUTIFUL!” The lights weren’t on, but I think it’s still a cute picture. I have to admit, it really does get you more in the Christmas spirit when you can sit in your living room at night, surrounded by the lights of Christmas!

Then yesterday afternoon we did a trial run of filling the birthing tub to make sure we had all of the right connectors for the hose, to figure out how long it would take, etc, and Stella and I even took a little dip in it last night. I’m so exciting for this upcoming birth experience!!


  1. Wait, are you grinchy??? Why did he have to convince you to put up a tree?

    1. Because I’m exhausted and worried about who is going to properly take it DOWN and store all of the ornaments and decorations!! LOL

      1. I don’t blame you. I’d feel the same way.

        I am grinchy this year – two years in a row of minimal decorations due to toddler curiosity. I usually go all-out, but what’s the point with a 2 year-old. Sigh. And I’m grumpy that I have to put my kids on a plane to be gone ON CHRISTMAS to pacify my father and mother when they only live 2 hours away. Why couldn’t they have done this trip the weekend BEFORE Christmas so we could do the Santa thing here at home? Yep – Grinchy!

  2. I hope you know that I always read your posts, but rarely comment because they come directly to my Emil in box. But I had to stop by to say that the necklace is truly beautiful and inspiring!

    1. Thanks, Michele. 🙂

  3. I LOVE the pic of Stella in front of the tree, she pulls off yellow well!
    The necklace is beautiful and I love that women can pass it to one another!

  4. Such a beautiful necklace and the start of an awesome tradition of friendship and support!

    Also, yes, Christmas lights are amazing and an instant cheer-up!

  5. love the necklace and the party they hosted for you! so so sweet!

  6. What a nice gesture from your neighbor! I love when people do nice things like that, especially when they’re so personal to both you and to them. Very special!

    Stella is all grown up. I don’t like it! 😉

  7. Beautiful necklace, lovely sentiment! And a lovely daughter as well. I can feel how ready you are!

  8. What a beautiful necklace, and sentiment. I’m very excited for your birthing experience. I hope it’s everything you want it to be.

  9. I love this necklace and the whole idea of it so much!! What a special gift! 🙂 And Stella looks gorgeous and so grown up!

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