The Home Stretch, 38w3d

10 Reasons I know I’m in the home stretch of this pregnancy…

  • We truly thought I’d go into labor on Christmas Eve because a 38w delivery with contractions starting at night is our only frame of reference. Now we’re both jumpy and anxious every day wondering is this the day or do we really have to wait a few more weeks?!
  • I’m wearing only waterproof mascara because birthing tub pictures FTW!
  • I’m shaving my armpits every day and grooming as much as is possible when I can’t see shit. These endeavors had previously been abandoned for months.
  • We are taking walks in freezing cold weather in the hopes of getting something going.walk
  • My husband checks on me in the shower if I’ve been in there for more than 5 minutes…
  • … and informs me he’s wearing the same outfit as he was the night Stella was born. #Weird #PlaidFlannelLover
  • I’m wearing white underwear so I’ll notice immediately if there’s any bloody show. #TMI
  • Whenever I grimace or groan from the incessant heartburn or braxton hicks, my husband immediately says “contraction?!”
  • I’m cleaning my house every day so I won’t be behind on laundry, dishes, etc. if today is the day. #NotFun
  • The only comfortable way to sit is with my legs spread wide so my belly can hang down low. #SoHot

Okay little man, please come out and play. We can’t wait to meet you!


  1. WATERPROOF MASCARA! Amazing. The best.

  2. I’m amazed you can still see shit and Charlie remembering what he wore when Stella was born? What a gorgeous man!

    1. Ha, I can’t really. Creative bending + a mirror equals partly able to clean up.

      Char just remembers his outfit b/c of the picture of us in the delivery room right after she was born. I always give him hell b/c I hate that shirt and he wears it all the time. 🙂

      1. Don’t ruin it for me 😂😂

      2. Anthony wore a guns & roses t-shirt for Lids’ birth so now it is his lucky shirt so it often gets worn for important things… because a guns & roses t-shirt is totally appropriate for important events! HA!

  3. I accidentally bought waterproof mascara the other day amd didn’t realize until I out it on. I yelled, “shit!” Then, of course, had to explain why to McMister, then the next day Santa stopped at RiteAid on the way to Christmas Eve and when I woke up and opened my stocking, I saw he had bought me my go-to NON-waterproof. My favorite present!!! But I did put back-up waterproof on for both girls’ births 🙂

    As for the shirt, the pictures comment brought McMister’s back to my mind. We still have the one he wore with Gracie, but he rarely wears it. And it was FREEZING (for everyone except me) in the room with Lyla so he was actually wearing the lavender zip-up hoodie I wore into the hospital in all the pics. Love it 🙂

  4. So exciting!!!!!!!! The same outfit, how cute!!!!!!

  5. Waterproof mascara?! I don’t wear mascara on regular days, I can’t believe you’re set to wear it in the birthing tub. Amazing.

    You’re so close! Very excited for you.

    1. Mascara is the one piece of makeup I always DO put on! LOL. It takes 10 seconds and bam, I’m done. 🙂

  6. Very cute list. My favorite part is the fact that you’re husband is going to wear the same outfit as last time. Love how excited he is.

  7. Oh my goodness so exciting!!!! I’ll be right there in a couple of weeks!!! (I cannot believe it…)

  8. Are you washing the same pair of white underwear daily or did you buy a sexy multipack? I feel like this is like a kid waiting for Christmas times a million!! #cantwait

    1. Hahaha. Yesterday was the 1st day I did that. Just wearing the light colored options from my drawer from here on out I guess. 🙂

      Im dying for an update from YOU lady!

  9. Love this list!! I remember so many of these things before Lids. From around 38 weeks, house cleaned, toe nails painted (Ha! so important!), etc. I am really hoping you don’t have to keep doing these things for another 2 or more weeks. Coooome on little guy!! It is time! 🙂

    1. I was just thinking I should touch up my toe nail polish! LOL. So silly.

      1. haha one of my friends actually commented on my painted toes on one of our hospital photos of me laying in the bed with Lids, so it didn’t go unnoticed 😉

  10. Hahahaha. Sorry, but this was a hilarious post even if you didn’t mean it that way!

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