The Monday Snapshot – Toddler Bed Transition

Well, my lovely husband decided out of the blue to take the front of Stella’s crib off yesterday morning, even though she has not tried to climb out of the crib since the incident 6 weeks ago when she climbed/fell out and we had a talk about not climbing out so we don’t get hurt.

I am really fucking nervous not exactly on board with changing up Stella’s sleep habits RIGHT as her little brother is scheduled to make his appearance, but we’ll see how this goes. He was excited to show her the “big girl bed” set-up and she was excited to climb into/out of it herself … I’m worried about being the one to deal with middle of the night wake-ups on top of infant nursing duty since he never hears her when she wakes up in the middle of the night. *sigh*

So far I’ve thankfully been proven wrong and things are going okay. Charlie laid her down at noon for her nap yesterday before leaving for a friend’s house, and at 2pm she walked out of the room to tell me she needed to go to the bathroom (which she did). Normally she sleeps an hour longer than that, but two hours isn’t bad for a nap. Last night was more of a struggle because she didn’t want to lay down for me, so I walked out and made Daddy deal with it. Somehow he talked her into it, and she slept from 7:30-7:30! She woke up once at 5:15 and I heard her coughing & talking to herself, but then she went back to sleep and slept later than normal, so I’ll take it! It was very bizarre to have her walk into the bathroom at 7:30 while Charlie was in the shower & I was brushing my teeth to tell us she was awake and needed to go pee. She’s just such a KID now!

FX the transition continues to be a smooth one and not an added stress as we near this baby’s birthing time…


  1. Such a cutie! And now a BIG girl…. 🙂

  2. I switched my daughter over from her crib to the crib mattress on the floor when she was about 15 months old, she would regularly climb out of the crib at that age, and she took to it right away. At around 18 months we moved her to a twin sized bed on a frame and she loved it and has never fallen out, and she is around 27 months old now. She hasn’t napped in months and doesn’t need a daytime nap, she’s like me in that regards I never napped after a year old either, but at nighttime she goes straight to bed and stays there all night. We shut her door at night because she has a wall heater in there that regulates the room heat, but in the morning when she wakes up she will let herself out of the room to go to the bathroom. I was pleased with the easy transition since I’ve heard some horrid stories about the transition from blogs and message boards. Glad to hear it is going well.

  3. mcmissis · · Reply

    She looks so big and so sweet!!! No one on this lovely planet of ours could have a worse time transitioning a kid to a toddler bed than we had; so I know it will go GREAT for you by my standards 🙂

  4. Oh I’m so happy to hear things went well. I hope they continue in such a positive matter. Raegan likes to read in her toddler bed, but the one time I tried to put her to sleep there she panicked and screamed. I put her in the crib an immediately she passed out. So weird. Stella is such a big girl now! So sweet!

  5. Amazing!! It always surprises me how well little ones can adapt to change, at least most of the time. Hoping things continue to go as well as they did last night. But really, what was C thinking??? 🙂

  6. Good luck! How old is she? My little guy climbs out his crib so easily since about 22 months – but we still use it as a crib. I suppose we should change it over? I kept my other kiddos in the crib until closer to 3.

    1. 23 months. Physically I’m sure she could climb out – she’s just only tried the 1 time, so I wasn’t in a hurry to change anything. 🙂

      1. Yes this has been a tough age for us – our little guy gets out of bed every night now! Good luck to you guys!

      2. Oops, I meant she is 25 months old. HA! 23 months was when she tried crawling out once and fell. 🙂

  7. Phew! SO glad. Especially that coming out her room is no big deal for her. HGB did great until he realized he could escape to freedom! Go Stella!

    1. Ha. We are ONE night in. I’m praying we don’t have issues when she realizes she can get up in the middle of the night!

  8. Awesome, I would be sooooo nervous, but it sounds like she is handling it like a champ!

  9. Wow! Such a big girl. I am so nervous that Ever will try to climb out of her crib. And so nervous for the day that it wont contain her and she’ll have the option to get out and get into mischief!

    When did you give Stells a pillow?

    1. Some kids are climbers, some aren’t. Stella never has been!

      We got her a little travel sized pillow a month or two ago from Target. She loves using our pillows when we let her watch a show from our bed, so we just figured it was time.

  10. Your posts keep reminding me of the posts I have in my head and have yet to write! We actually moved G to a twin bed two weekends ago!

    We put one of those child proof door knob covers on the inside of G’s door so he can’t let himself out. Not a big deal now, but I’m sure once he needs the freedom to use the potty at night or first thing in the morning we’ll be seeing much more of him at inconvenient times of the day!

    1. Stella’s door is a non-locking, sliding pocket door. No way to lock!

  11. What a big girl! I’m so glad its going so well!!!

  12. She is such a beautiful little girl.

    Oh, MEN. They really have no clue, do they? Ha! I hope it continues to go well and is an easy transition for Stella.

  13. Where did you get her crib sheet??


      Bought it a couple of years ago. She loves it! I don’t remember it being that expensive, but I could be wrong. We use it in rotation with one other one only b/c it’s her favorite.

  14. Good luck! We just transitioned too. E has arrived at our room anywhere between 2a and 7a (which is SO WEIRD for her to just appear in my face at night), but we just let her finish the night with us and it’s been fine. I was more worried about the going to bed and laying down for nap part, but that’s been easier than expected. I hope Stells continues the good work after baby brother appears! Eek, that would make me nervous too.

    1. Ya, I plan on co-sleeping with this baby the 1st 6 months like we did with Stella (assuming he sleeps well that way)… which with Stella meant 9-1am in the arm’s reach co-sleeper and the rest of the night bed-sharing. I’m comfortable with that – just don’t want that + a kicking 2 year old in my bed!!

      1. Yup, toddler kicks are wild. Also, I don’t know how they have such sharp toenails no matter how often you cut them!

  15. Heather · · Reply

    Wow, that’s awesome it is going smoothly so far! I hope it keeps going that well, even after your little guy is here. 🙂

  16. We’ve had that set up since about 15 months since he was ending up in our bed at 1 am every night anyway. Would you believe H has YET to sleep through the night? If we had any kind of sleeper, we would not touch that system! Fingers crossed it keeps working out!

  17. Yay Stella!! She sure does look like a big kid with her big kid bed! 🙂 PLEASE keep updating on how this goes and if you have any tips along the way. Like Stella, Lids really isn’t very interested in climbing out of her crib. Our problem is actually that she just isn’t happy in her crib a lot of the time lately. She seems to feel trapped. So we are planning to do the switch in the next month I think, if things continue to be a struggle. I have a feeling she might join us in the early morning hours in our bed because that is actually what she has been doing the past few weeks, but that is fine with us… until a baby is in our little double bed too!!

    Hoping it continues to go so well! 🙂

  18. Omigoodness! Look how big she is! Her hair has gotten so long! What a cutie! I am so glad the transition has gone so smoothly! Fingers crossed it stays that way.

  19. kaseypowers · · Reply

    Hope the transition continues to go smoothly.
    Are you planning on using the same crib for the new baby in a few months? Assuming he’s in a bassinet to start?

    1. Gah. I don’t know. Yes, but we’re not sure how that timing is going to work. Baby in co-sleeper / bed sharing for 6 months, then the plan was the crib. I guess we’ll figure out Stella’s new sleeping arrangements after that! Bunk beds is the ultimate goal.

  20. Yay! That’s awesome! We actually tried to switch Sofia over this holiday break and it was a no-go. She got up like 4 times and wouldn’t sleep. Boo. But as we don’t actually need her crib for probably another 5 months or so, I’m cool with it… We do plan to move the crib into her room this weekend, though, so at least she better knows what space is hers!

  21. I’ve always thought she looked way more like Charlie, but that bottom pic is all you!

  22. Elizabeth · · Reply

    She’s such a big girl now! I will keep our “big girl bed” transition experience to myself. And I will pay it doesn’t happy to you (because I know you love your sleep).

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