Let the Comparisons Begin!

I’m going to be horrible about doing this I’m sure, but it’s so hard to resist! Charlie and I both think that Harvey looks a lot like Stella as a baby. What do you think? All of these pics were taken in their first 2 days of life. 🙂

You can’t see Stella’s stork bite very well in her picture, but they even have similar “markings” when it comes to the birth marks (or whatever you call them?). The classic “stork bite” between the eyes, a patch high on the back of the head in the middle, and a patch at the base of the hairline on the neck. So random! Genetics are a powerful thing!


  1. Yep- they are definitely siblings! So sweet.

  2. lparsons15 · · Reply

    Yup they for sure look alike! But they are also such amazingly beautiful babies!!

  3. Oh yes, they definitely look alike!!! You sure make beautiful babies 🙂

  4. Practically twins!

  5. mcmissis · · Reply

    Totally! Both absolutely adorable.

  6. Yep, i love comparison shots and boy do they look alike. Does S seem huge to you now??

    1. She seems LONG. Just all legs & talking. It’s crazy!

  7. I love how the first born is buckled into the swing and the second is not!! Haha.

    Definitely sibs, but I think he’s got his own thing going on! I think he is resembling you in te mouth and nose whereas Stella has Charlie’s mouth I think.

    Gosh, I just love marveling at new babies!!!

  8. Okay, honestly? I think pretty much every newborn looks alike! When M met UrbanJungleGym’s Nu-Nu, she said, “Leila !” Stella and Harvey are both cute though!

    1. Meanwhile Smudgie was equally uninterested in both babies.

  9. Twinsies! Your babes have the most luscious lips!

  10. I still do this with all of my kids. I know they’re related but it’s still fun to see how they’re alike and different. Congratulations on your healthy baby!! I think the 2 year age difference is easy in some ways and crazy hard in others 🙂

  11. Oh they are both so sweet. You make cute kids!

  12. jesicabrennan · · Reply

    Congrats Mama! He’s adorable! So glad your home birth turned out the way you wanted, sounds glorious!

  13. Definitely look alike. My babies do not at all, so I am a little jealous. I don’t look like my sister either 🙂

  14. When you sent me that photo of Harvey in the purple blanket, I thought, “whoa – Stella!” But I didn’t follow you when Stells was born, so I was thinking that based on what she looks like today. They definitely look similar in the photos you posted, but I think he looks more like Stella looks today than when she was first born. I think he is spitting image of the toddler you have running around your house!

    Good looking babies!

  15. Cuteness!

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