My Blue Eyed Babies

Stella’s eyes started out really blue, and though they’re still pretty blue at 26 months, they seem to have a hint of green in them at times as well now (which makes sense, because my eyes switch routinely switch between the two based on my mood and color of clothing and Charlie’s eyes are straight up green).


So far Harvey is at least starting out as a blue eyed baby as well, and the 100% Norwegian part of me really hopes they stay blue like most of our relatives’ eyes. šŸ™‚

BTW, I’m having a hell of a time picking just one picture a day to use for his photo project. <3 this kid.


  1. His eyes are nice and blue! BEAUTIFUL!

    I have bright blue eyes and B has deep chocolate brown eyes. When we met, I hoped our kids would get his eyes. Now, they both have brown eyes with a dash of blue, and I so wish one had my blue eyes. Sigh.

  2. Molly literally never had the baby blues. She went dark really quick. I’m blue green and Ryan is brown green and she seems to be taking that colour. I do love the eyes though. Cute little thing isn’t he!

  3. Harvey is so cute! I love that first pic. Nicky also started out with blue eyes now they are more hazel (my colour)

  4. My god, he’s cute. Green eyes are so rare! I think green is cool! My children never had a chance of getting my blue eyes.

  5. So cute! My side has all blue eyes and my husband’s side have greenish blue, but more green. All four of our kids have blue šŸ™‚ we get comments how they all look so much alike!

  6. mcmissis · · Reply

    I loooooove those blue Harvey pictures!!! What a cutie. And Stella looks so pretty in that top pic, like a little girl šŸ™‚

  7. Love all these photos!! And love those blue eyed babies! šŸ™‚ Never expected to have one myself since both Anthony and I have brown eyes but Lids’ are still blue as can be!

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