The Monday Snapshot – Snuggling Edition

So far Harvey pretty much sleeps in bed with me all night. I’m hoping to get him into the co-sleeper more soon, but for now I’m just rolling with it and loving all the snuggles. They aren’t this little forever, and man am I lucky to get to do this again and to know to focus on these little moments that are so fleeting…


Stella is also obsessed with snuggling lately, so Harvey ends up in a lot of head locks himself. 😉 LOL


  1. Oh, the head locks! Such loving head locks. Ha!

    he looks so tiny beside you. Gah! I want one more!

  2. ag, I just want to kiss him! Adorable!

  3. Those pics are adorable. LOL, I love that Stella loves snuggling her little brother too! Poor thing.

  4. I have been so traumatized by (non) sleep that I’m always terrified to let any of the girls sleep in our bed for very long. I’m constantly fighting the urge to let them sleep with us. But for now, I’m really, really happy when Poppy won’t stay settled in the bassinet and I “have” to pull her into bed with me 🙂 Makes the heart swell.

    1. I honestly wouldn’t worry about creating bad sleep habits the 1st three months. Not one little bit. After that, maybe, but for now, enjoy it!!

  5. So sweet! Take all the snuggles you can get.

  6. It is the best! I’m sure I don’t want another, but man will I miss this. Enjoy!

  7. Enjoy every minute! Whenever I can finish that final post on our blog, you’re going to crack up at our sleeping situation! Got your email- glad everything got there and it’s so easy to pass things on to IF/blog peeps- that may be how I end up tackling my baby stuff attachment/clutter lol:] Soak in those newborn snuggles while you can!

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