Decluttering (the Bathrooms)

This is part of my “Who Needs It?” series of posts.
Area 1: The Master Bedroom
Area 2: The Bathrooms

Last September I mentioned that we had decided to paint the walls in our two bathrooms. They are the only rooms in the house that we hadn’t painted when we first moved in four years ago because we intended to remodel them, but since that still hadn’t happened, I decided a fresh coat of paint would at least give them new life until we could afford to do the total makeovers we want to do!

There are just two bathrooms in our house, and they are pretty small with nearly identical layouts. Downstairs (off what is supposed to be the master bedroom – we use it as the guest room) has a shower/tub combo and upstairs (between our bedroom & the kids’ room) has a tiled shower that’s extended length. Our biggest annoyance with the layout of this house is that there isn’t a half bath / powder room anywhere, so all guests need to either go through the downstairs bedroom (our current layout) or go upstairs to relieve themselves.

At any rate, the only “before” pics I have are from when we originally moved in back in 2010, and they don’t show how horribly cluttered both bathrooms got:

When we decided to give them a face lift last fall, we got rid of the cheap, white, plastic shelving under that odd open space at the end of the counter in both bathrooms, painted the cheap circa 1995 cabinetry white, spray painted the hardware silver instead of gold, painted the walls, and redid the wall hangings.


Upstairs bath – ya, I kinda freaked out about this canary yellow color once we saw it on the walls. Eek! We might actually tone this color down this summer to something more neutral. LOL


I had to update the picture in this display box today. *heart melting*
Those baskets up above have extra toilet paper rolls in them.


Downstairs bath, which is only used by guests & for baths for the kids

Since I took the instagram grid pictures last fall, I’ve actually switched out the picture in the blue downstairs (guest) bathroom to a smaller scenic picture & got the magazine holder hung, and writing this post was the kick in the pants I needed to tackle the cupboards under the sink in our upstairs (master) bathroom.

I realized while cleaning it out that I had MAJOR emotions attached to the crap under there. *sigh* Surprise surprise…





And here is just a small sampling of the crap I threw away…

So there ya go… the bathrooms are cleaned up and organized, and DAMN does it feel good. Thanks for the motivation to tackle this SRB!

Next post: The Kitchen Drawers. (aka, the shit I tackled the day before I went into labor with Harvey!)


  1. You did it! Good job! You are one industrious mama. I chuckled a bit when you said that you wished you had another half bath–I’ve had that thought too and laughed at myself because I’m actually extremely lucky to have two bathrooms in the city.

    1. Ha. I do NOT live in the city, so it really is silly they designed and built this house without a half bath!

  2. Emotional over bathroom stuff? Hahaha. But after seeing the stuff you threw away, I guess I kinda get it ūüôā

    1. I know, silly, right?!

  3. Nice!! I think they look great! And I have to say, it didn’t even dawn on me to keep a few sets of towels under the sink in the guest bathroom – that would clear out my linen closet even more!!

    1. I don’t have a linen closet in this house, so it was an idea born out of necessity. ūüôā

  4. What color is the downstairs bathroom? Love it!

    We have almost an identical canvas of us three positioned off to the left hand side in our house, how funny! I would take a photo but we had to to ale it down to show our house. It’s my fb header too.

    Lol! The squeeze bottle dr on the hospital!! I recently used it for this oil cleansing method face wash (which didn’t work) so I tossed it under the sink again. I’m afraid to throw it away… I threw away the bulb nasal thingy from the hospital, only later to find out they don’t sell ones that work anywhere. Now we use the nose frida, but I still wish I had the bulb when I’m alone with Ever.

    It was fun checking out the junk you kept under your sink! And now I’ve just commented about nothing interesting. Sorry!

    1. I would also love to know the colour! Thinking of doing HGB’s room something in this vein!

      1. The color is Slate (no idea what brand, sorry, we got it at True Value Hardware). It was low-VOC paint. The guy’s handwriting on the lid is hard to read, but I think it says E25-D, B-2Y16, E-3Y6. Do those numbers help at all? I know very little about paint. I’ll try to remember to grab another card next time I’m down there.

  5. DUDE! I remember when you first started tackling the spaces to paint them. Now that you have done the fine sifting colour me (YELLOW!) impressed! Okay green. Green with envy. You are killing it. I need to get my ass in gear on actually *doing* the challenges.

    ANYWAY. I think what I find most interesting about this is the little items you described above. I have old glasses too – just in case. In case what? In case I break my current glasses and then my eyes also revert back to my old Rx? I have old nail polishes just in case…in case that barf yellow/gold suddenly looks less barfy? My bathroom drawers are part of my “Start Small” this month, and they are in good shape but now I think I might need a finer tooth comb. Seeing other people’s things really makes me *see* my things, you know?

    And another thing! I thought under our master bath sink was in good shape, until I had to empty it out to take the drain apart the other day. Behind all the “neatly organized stuff”, I found that huge refill bottle of super fancy organic unicorn tears soap had fallen over behind the drain. I had JUST bought new SFOUT soap for the house again the other day. DAMMIT. $$$ that didn’t need spending right now. Little things like that add up, you know? My point is, this post makes me want to take another look under there and see how I can keep improving The System. ūüėČ

    1. Ya, I spent so much MONEY on those eyeglasses… I think that was why it was hard for me to throw them out, even though I obviously don’t use them anymore!

      I literally took every single thing out from under the sink & made myself go through each and every item before I put it back in. I can’t believe how much I threw out!

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