Lopsided…the Results :)

Okay, I am 100% sure I want to start making polls in my blog posts more often, because you guys definitely rock at taking them and this was so much fun to read through! My Lopsided Much? poll had 76 responses in the first 12 hours, which is pretty damn awesome of you all! I’m writing this summary after a full week, and all in all 123 of you ended up taking the quiz. First off – the results.

  • Have you ever breastfed a child?
    • Yes: 84%
    • No: 16%
  • Were/are your breasts lopsided pre-kids?
    • Yes: 52%
    • No: 48%
  • If you’ve been pregnant & nursed a child, are your breasts…
    • More lopsided than before: 39%
    • More even than before: 3%
    • I have no clue, I don’t stare at myself in the mirror like you do Josey: 8%
    • The same as pre-kids: 36%
    • n/a: 14%
  • When you look in the mirror, what do you see?
    • Righty is bigger: 35%
    • Lefty is bigger: 42%
    • They’re perfectly symmetrical because I’m a lucky bitch: 23%
  • Did the thought of possible breast asymmetry developing/worsening factor into your decision to breastfeed?
    • Nope, never even thought about it: 64%
    • No, I don’t care: 7%
    • No, I was breastfeeding no matter what: 15%
    • Yes, but I decided to breastfeed anyway: 1%
    • Yes, I didn’t want to risk being lopsided: 0%
    • n/a: 14%
  • If you’re lopsided, do you care?
    • Yes, it affects my self esteem & confidence to wear tight clothing where it might be noticeable: 2%
    • Yes, it bothers me, but I still wear whatever I want and just try not to think about it: 21%
    • No, I really don’t give a shit: 51%
    • n/a: 25%
  • Have you ever taken a survey about your boobs before?
    • Obviously, all the time! 11%
    • Um, no. Absolutely not: 79%
    • Get a life, Josey: 10% (<– That’s 12 of you! LOL)

Also, you guys hailed from 11 different countries, including:

  1. United States
  2. Canada
  3. Unknown (WTF google?)
  4. Germany
  5. Australia
  6. New Zealand
  7. South Africa
  8. Netherlands
  9. Spain
  10. Hong Kong
  11. Israel

Now for a few additional questions I wish I had addressed thanks to comments from y’all. Don’t feel like you have to answer them all in the comments or anything, but I just thought it was interesting to think about!

  • Did size correlate with milk output or no? – For me, yes.
  • If lopsided pre-kids, did the lopsided side change? – No, righty just got even biggger.
  • Are yours the same size but differently shaped? – Slightly different shapes, but probably b/c of the size difference over here.
  • If you were lopsided while breastfeeding, did things even out once you stopped? – A little bit.
  • If you didn’t breastfeed, did your boobs still change size/shape just from being pregnant? – n/a for me
  • Do you have a different reason for being lopsided? (i.e. surgery) – n/a for me

In all my unshowered, pumping glory. 🙂

So there ya go – the results from my lopsided survey. I’m impressed that 51% of you don’t give a shit about the uneven quality of your girls and wear whatever you want anyway. Way to go! I’m working towards that. I’m definitely still self-conscious in some outfits, but I do try to wear it anyway and just have an “I don’t give a f*” attitude about it.

A big thanks to everyone who participated! It’s nice to know I’m not alone in my lopsidedness.  🙂


  1. Does it bother you now more or less than before you had kids? I don’t have lopsided ladies, but I’m much less worried about any extra fluff I’m carrying around after popping out so many kiddos so quickly 🙂

    1. Also, just because they aren’t lopsided doesn’t mean I love ’em. They used to be fantastic! After three pregnancies and now threw nurslings, they are saggy sisters 🙁

  2. WELP…that picture is 6452% better than the one I sent you! It’s the MRRRRP face that makes it ART.

    You forgot a question on your quiz! Q: Are your nipples now the size of doorknobs, where before they were quarters? YES NO OMFG

    1. Holy moly, your comment made me crack up, S!!! Because umm, yeah… I can relate.

  3. lparsons15 · · Reply

    Good stuff!

  4. omg your boobies are out! LOL

    From male point of view and as a frequent reader I could never tell… so get a life, Josey! :))

    Congrats on the boy, ours is coming May 7th!


    1. LMAO, ya, no nipple though, so that makes me better than Janet Jackson, right? 🙂

  5. Hahaha! So from a never pregnant never bf flat chick I thought I’d add some fun trivia for you. I can’t tell if lopsided cause too damn small, but they are definitely more mushy than in my 20’s. I can almost make cleavage! There’s where getting old is working in my favor.

  6. Love the picture!

  7. For me having super small boobs with righty being bigger. I did produce more milk with righty, not a ton more but it was more noticeable. But my small boobs got the job done and that’s all that matters, LOL Mine did go back to pre-pregnancy size afterwards and no sagging at all.

  8. The absolute best thing about this post is… that photo!!!! haha you are the best!!

    And I guess maybe that Unknown country that Google couldn’t quite find could have been the good ol’ Dominican Republic?? Because I definitely took this quiz! 🙂

    1. LMAO, I wondered about that!

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