The Monday Snapshot – Flowers Edition

Stella has been enamored with flowers lately, just like her Auntie Jaime was.

I know that it is customary for people to often send flowers after a death, but in Jaime’s case it went beyond the standard bouquets. People knew how much she loved flowers (the florist told us she’d often walk in just to purchase herself a single flower), and WOW did they deliver. Bouquet after bouquet was delivered to our house, and for the Memorial Service we actually requested that people take the flowers with them afterwards because there were so many. Our local florist is amazing and does the flowers for nearly 100 weddings a year – PLUS they decorate the local ski resort town at Christmas. My point is that they do some big time floral arrangements, and they told us they had never done a funeral like Jaime’s.

At any rate, Stella has definitely enjoyed having pretty flowers in our house for the past couple of weeks. My beautiful little girl…



  1. So sweet. It looks like Stella’s face is changing, she looks so much more grown up lately!

  2. That’s a beautiful photo. And my heart is in my throat with this story.

  3. mcmissis · · Reply

    Maybe Stella will open a flower shop someday. She could call it Auntie’s.

  4. Geochick · · Reply

    So sweet and so sad.

  5. Does Stella understand at all what happened?? I know she’s only 2.5 but was just wondering how she was taking it!!

    1. Whenever she sees me crying she asks if I’m sad because Auntie Jaime is gone… I don’t know exactly what she understands. She’s definitely been hyper-emotional and clingy since everything happened.

  6. Beautiful photo. Wishing you fortitude as you try to be strong for yourself and for your kids.

  7. Aww this is so sweet and what a beautiful photo. And I just love the part that Jaime used to go in and buy herself a single flower because she just loved flowers so much!! 🙂

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