A Day in the Life – My “Work Day” Edition

I wrote my “day off” version of this post in regards to my weekday that I have off from the office (Wednesday). I wrote this post in regards to the very next day when I worked from 8-5:30 or so at the local medical office. It isn’t quite a “typical” day since I ended up going out for a couple hours with some girlfriends (a definite rarity!), but you’ll get the general idea. 🙂


3:20 – Harvey wakes to nurse after 7h10 in the cosleeper. This is the best chunk of sleep he has had in months! I worry that I slept through his cries earlier and wonder if he actually went that long between feeds. Nothing like looking a gift horse in the mouth, eh? Back to sleep by 3:40.

5:50 – Harvey wakes to nurse after 2h10 in the cosleeper. I figure we are up for the day. I check emails, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter on my phone while he nurses in bed with me.

6:10 – I hear Charlie getting ready to leave for work, so I change Harvey quickly and bring him downstairs. I can hear Stella talking in bed too, so I leave H downstairs with Charlie and Papa (Charlie’s Dad works with him) and run back upstairs to get her ready.

6:15 – Stella is dressed and downstairs as well. Charlie and Papa leave for work, and I let Harvey roll around on the floor babbling to himself while I make Stella some oatmeal for breakfast and eat a bran muffin myself. I clean the dishes from dinner last night (and wonder why Charlie didn’t do them? he’s usually so good about that!) and straighten up the kitchen.

6:30 – I jump in the shower while the kids are happy. Harv is playing in his exersaucer and Stella is singing him songs – this morning is a combo of Wagon Wheel, Let Her Go, and a Daniel Tiger song, so it’s something like “we are the same….nice long toke!….cold never bothered me anyway” 🙂

6:50 – We do a quick battle of the wills to get Stella’s teeth brushed, but by 7am we are both cleaned up and ready to go!

7:15 – Harvey is fussing (hungry/tired already from the early morning wake up?) so I nurse him and type up the beginning of this post while Stella watches an episode of Daniel Tiger.

7:40 – I lay Harvey down in the cosleeper upstairs and Stella brings all of her blankets (3) and babies (2) downstairs in order to play. I get last minute things organized since the Nanny will be here in a few minutes.

7:57 – The Nanny is here, so I head out the door to work. Harv is still talking to himself upstairs, so I keep my fingers crossed he’ll take a nap for her!

8:00 – I’m at work (yep, a 3 minute commute!) and it’s going to be a crazy busy day because I’m covering the desk of my pregnant co-worker who is out for a midwife appointment today.

10:30 – I realize I haven’t pumped yet, so I step away from my desk quickly to do that. I get 6 oz in 10 minutes (usually only getting 3 oz in 15 minutes) which I’m inordinately happy about! The Nanny sends me a picture of Stella who is at a play date down the street practicing up her sword fighting skills – cell phone in hand. 🙂

photo 1

10:45 – Work work work.

12:30 – Drive home quick for lunch. Think about how I really need to start walking on my lunch break once Harvey isn’t nursing at that time. *sigh* The Nanny usually leaves while I’m home at lunch, but I think I’m going to have to talk to her about sticking around so *I* can leave and work out at that time!

12:35-12:55 Nurse Harvey and eat my lunch one-handed. A drug rep was at our office today for a lunch meeting so she provided a hot BLT with roasted potatoes. Delish!

1:00 – Lay Harvey down in the swing for his mid-day nap and spend the next 20 minutes balancing my checkbook, transferring money, and finagling finances to pay the Nanny for June. My mother-in-law usually watches the kids once a week for us, but since her shoulder injury in January when Harvey was 1 week old, she hasn’t been able to. Hopefully she’ll be healed up and ready to go in July, but it has definitely put a strain on our finances to spend that extra $300/month on childcare in the meantime. UGH. On the upside, I have in-laws who live close who help us out with stuff ALL THE TIME, so I need to remember to be thankful for that. I know I didn’t tell Jaime thank you often enough for all she did for us. :*(

1:25 – Head back to work for the afternoon.

4:00 – I realize I haven’t pumped yet (again!) so I go pump quick. Got another 4 oz in 15 minutes, so I’m beyond happy with getting 10 oz today instead of 6 oz (Harvey is eating about 9/day while I’m gone).

4:15 – Work work work.

5:25 – clock out from work and head home

5:30 – I nurse Harvey while Stella runs around. Charlie gets home from work and jumps in the shower (he’s a concrete guy and gets DIIIIRTY sometimes!).

5:45 – Charlie goes outside to mow the lawn while I get dinner going. The kids play on the floor together. I get a text from my girlfriends who are all getting together at the spa one of them owns… I debate going down there to meet up with them because I’ve never been, but it’s so hard for me to leave both kids home with Charlie and miss out on that hour or two I have with them in the evenings. Silly, I know.

6:15 – We eat dinner on the picnic table on our back patio while chatting with our neighbors over the fence. It’s a beautiful evening!

photo 2

7:00 – I finally decide that I need to get out of the house for some girl time, even if it’s just for a few minutes. I leave both kids with Daddy and drive down to the spa (just 3 minutes away). We talk, laugh, and have a beer while one friend practices her waxing and makeup techniques on the two other girls.

7:40 – I look at my phone and realize I’ve missed 2 phone calls and a text from Charlie that Harvey was melting down. SHIT. By the time I get home, he had given the poor kid a 2 oz bottle to tide him over. Both kids are ready for bed, so I sit down to nurse Harvey while Charlie reads Stella a couple of books.

8:00 – We lay both kids down and walk out. Harvey is getting so great at putting himself to sleep! #KnockingOnALLtheWood

photo 3

8:05 – I tell Charlie I’m going back down to continue my girls’ night since the kids are in bed now anyway. Mimi waxes my eyebrows (which were in desperate need of attention) and practices with her new air makeup machine. I feel gorgeous for the first time in a long time, and the four of us have so much fun just chatting and catching up on lives!

photo 4

9:30 – I’m already back home – girls’ nights sure don’t last as long as they used to! Charlie’s already in bed, but I wake him up to talk for awhile, and by 10pm we are both fast asleep.

*side note – Harvey slept from 8pm-4am last night in his cosleeper without a wake up for nursing. This Momma was HAPPY!!


  1. mcmissis · · Reply

    You look fantastic. Sleeping baby + makeup = mega-hottie 🙂

  2. A three minute commute! I’m so jealous. My commute is down to 30 minutes and I thought that was awesome. I literally don’t think I can get ANYWHERE from my house in three minutes. Oh, urban living. 😉

    You guys are all up so early. I get up with M around 5:45 each day and then stay up and get ready for work but the rest of the house is asleep. I can’t imagine everyone being up that early. It would be so hard for me to get ready.

    I really enjoyed reading both of your a-day-in-the-life’s. Thanks for posting them.

  3. Yay for good sleeps and makeovers!

  4. Loved reading this one too and seeing how your work day differs from a day at home. So handy that your work is so close to home!! Your girls night sounds like so much fun. I need to get out more… when I say more, I mean I need to get out.. ever!!

  5. Krista · · Reply

    Blog lurker 🙂
    I am pumping 3oz in about 20 mins for my 3 week old. Trying to build a stash before going back to work. That seems sooooo low?! But based on your pumping sessions maybe it’s not??

    1. That’s very typical to get 3 oz. I almost always get between 2-4oz total in a pumping session — only more if I’ve gone a super long time (8hrs overnight, for example) without pumping.


  6. Krista · · Reply

    Thanks! Was freaking out a bit since my supply was so much greater with my first baby.

  7. […] I wrote one of these about a year and a half ago, but I wasn’t exercising at the time and I was still pumping at work and breastfeeding through the night, so my schedule has changed pretty drastically since back then and I figured it was time for a new one. Skip if you want, but I always find it kind of interesting to read back on what my days were like and also to see how other people structure their days! Right now I have an almost 2 year old and an almost 4 year old, I work outside the home 4 days a week for 9-10 hours a day, and I’m working out 6 days a week and figuring out this whole coaching thing in my free time. Somewhere in there I’m also trying to balance LIFE and MARRIAGE and ME TIME. You know, the usual. Ha! […]

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