Stella, 2.5 Years

How is my baby on the down slope to 3 already?!

Chez Scov

Dear Stelly Belly,


It’s amazing to me that it’s been six whole months since I last wrote you one of these letters. Back in December, I was writing about how I hoped it wouldn’t be too rough of a transition for you when your baby brother arrived. I’m happy to report that you have been amazing with him – you are the greatest big sister Harvey could have asked for! You love anything and everything about him. LOOK – that’s my baby brother over there. His name is Harvey! We hear that phrase as you introduce him to every person we see. 🙂

Beyond your role as big sister, you are really turning into your own little person. You are rarely shy, and you have discovered the joy of humor and making people laugh. Sometimes your jokes make sense (or you’ll simply do your grumpy face and then break…

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One comment

  1. So so SO reminds me of Grace, it’s bizarre! What an absolutely awesome little lady you have. She sounds like quite the smarty pants, I love that! And I love your recognition of her tantrums linked to awareness of others’ perspectives. Huge milestone, and I’m seeing it a bit over here too.

    She’s perfection, Josey!


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