And So It Begins! … Or Ends?

I have such mixed feeling about my baby being old enough for solid food. On one hand, it’s so fun to think of all the foods we’ll get to introduce him to now. On the other hand, it’s the end of him needing me and only me to survive. So bittersweet…


  1. His HAIR! I love it 🙂

    I’m having mixed feelings about solids this time. I didn’t have any with G, but I think that was due to PPD. I was happy to start getting him off the boob. But I am enjoying things more with L, and even tho I’m still not in love with nursing solids is (to me) a big step towards being his own independent person and because we aren’t 100% committed on a 3rd baby, it makes me sad that this COULD be the last for everything.

  2. Totally agree. I remember it being so bittersweet with Drew and I’m sure I’ll feel exactly the same with baby girl!

  3. Sooo, it’s seems the nursing/pumping is going great for you the 2nd time around. I was/am nervous for this because I feel like I just stopped (4 months ago) and I’ve been enjoying my independence. I love bfing Ever, but I am still not quite getting excited about doing it all over again. Ever was a long nurser and a cluster feeder, and a dawdler, and in the future, I just won’t have the luxury of sitting around with a two year old needing my attention too.

    Please tell me that instincts and mom mode kick right in after the baby is born and all those good feeling endorphins and oxytocin come back. Were you ready/looking forward to nursing baby 2, or were you nervous like me? Maybe it’s because I’m so sick right now.

    I cannot believe Harvey is old enough to eat solids now. Time is flying by so quickly in the world of blogs!

    1. I HATEEEE pumping. Hate it. I do it b/c I care about my kiddo getting breastmilk if at all possible. That being said, BFing is easy and I like it (usually) & the connection it gives me to the baby, so ya, it’s been good. I’ll be ready to be done this time I think though.

      Hopefully baby #2 will be a more efficient eater for you. That would make a world of difference!

  4. mcmissis · · Reply

    I love Harvey. Idk what it is about him, maybe that he’s practically the same age as Baby Pop, but there’s just something about him. It’s here in this picture 🙂

  5. Those eyes! Freya is completely grabbing at our plates and utensils. The girl wants to eat! Can’t wait until I can snap a photo like this one. Think we will start with avocado as well!

  6. It’s not the end!!! He’ll still get the majority of his nutrition from YOU and ONLY YOU until he’s 12 months. He can’t live without you for a long while yet. But you know that. xoxox

    P.S. Guess who just earned her Certified Lactation Counselor certificate? (Points thumbs at self) 😀

    1. That’s so cool Trish!!

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