Waterbirth Safety – The Article is Up!!

As many of you know, I’m a huge advocate of doing your research in order to be your own best advocate in life, be it in regards to infertility treatment, pregnancy & childbirth, or any other aspect of life. When I was pregnant with Harvey, the Evidence Based Birth website was a huge resource for me. Rebecca writes very thorough, non-biased evidence based research articles about pregnancy and childbirth to help educate you and your provider with the most up to date information out there. Today, her article filled with EVIDENCE BASED RESEARCH about the safety of waterbirth came out, and I am so excited to share it with y’all! Check out the article here, and you might even see a photo op of yours truly. 😉harveyFR-8256


  1. Hi Josey, thank you so so so much for sharing your photo and story to be included in the article! I still think that it’s crazy that I read your blog when I was struggling after several miscarriages, and then several years later you found mine! So glad we could help each other out!

  2. Normally I’m not a fan of blogposts and websites that compile evidence (find that they tend to only present quotes from the authors and interpretations that solely support their argument while omitting the data and failing to address the opposing points of view). That said, I’m very impressed by this article and the website as a whole. It’s a thoughtful review on water births and addresses the issues, presents the evidence well and makes a point of pointing out what can and can not be concluded.

    Like anything, I think the main issue is having people understand that there is a reason for different routes. Though I would have loved experiencing a home birth, being high-risk pretty much took that option off the table. And it was because i found the care that was appropriate for my situation that the Beats and I are alive today. But my experience is also not the norm and I believe that women should explore their options, making decisions for dealing with infertility, pregnancy and parenting based on what is best for them and their family.

    Thanks for sharing this, Josey. It’s a thoughtful read.

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    Celebrity 🙂

  4. Fantastic article! I really like this site a lot, from a number of perspectives for a number of reasons. As a technical medical writer, as a home birther, as a woman who wishes each woman her best and most loving birth experience. I hope this article is widely shared and thoughtfully read. Very cool.

  5. I’ve always been impressed with your ability to gather and sift through an amazing amount of information and share it succinctly. Really glad that you continue to share good resources with us all.

  6. What a fantastic, well-researched article. I’m a little shocked that the ACOG position paper was so *poorly* researched – I’d be embarrassed to put my name on something like that and it is a real shame that such shoddy research is probably going to have a very long-reaching effect. Kudos to rebecca for an excellent counter-point!!

  7. […] Evidence Based Birth published their Waterbirth Safety article, including a picture of yours truly! 2014.07.10 […]

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