Weight Loss Check-In: 6 Months Postpartum

May 1, 2013: 161# – 4w pregnant
January 12: 181.2# – 40w4d pregnant
January 15: 166.5# – 3d postpartum
February 12: 163.9# – 1m postpartum
March 12: 162.3# – 2m postpartum
March 15: My SIL died. I eat & drink my way through grief.
April 12: 167.0# – 3m postpartum
May 12: 168.3#​ – 4m postpartum
June 12: 163.0# – 5m postpartum
July 12: 160.2# – 6m postpartum

My goals for months 5-6 postpartum were:

  • Track my calories in MFP at least 6 days/week. NO GOING OVER. If I want to drink/eat more, I must move my body more.
  • Average 10k steps/day on Fitbit 
  • Be back in the 150s by July 12, 2014!


GAH. Okay. So I kicked ass at my FitBit steps goal (except for this most recent week when I got CRAZY sick on Tuesday and only got 786 steps which killed my average)… but tracking? I kinda sorta sucked at tracking. WHYYYYY is it so easy to blow off doing the one thing I know works for me, especially in the summer? I’ve been so great at moving my body more, but


I know this. And I still tried to do this. *sigh*

On the upside, I weighed myself last Saturday after 3 days of BBQs and drinking and having fun around the 4th of July, and when I saw 166# on the scale it shocked me into clean eating and tracking carefully for the past week. Thanks to just 5 days of that (plus being sick a couple of those days), I dropped a bunch of bloat and FINALLY saw a number on the scale that was lower than my pre-pregnancy weight – 160.2! I just missed my 150s goal, but I’m stoked to finally be under 161#!

weight copy

November 2009 – present. A journey.

I’m headed to Minnesota from August 1st-10th for a family vacation with a 4 day blog friend meetup at a lake cabin thrown in the middle. This means a LOT of swimsuit time (there is a pool at my parent’s house AND a lake at my friend’s cabin!). I bought a new (one piece) swimsuit last week, and I want to feel good in it. In order to do this, I want to really focus on my diet for the next 3 weeks so I can hopefully lose a couple more pounds and start working on toning too. I also need to focus on some butt & thigh exercises, because the cut of my new suit makes it painfully obvious that I’m carrying some extra weight there too. :\

swimsuit6mo copy

I post a lot of pics of myself, but it’s still incredibly hard to post swimsuit pics. Why is that?!!And this is what a size 12 body looks like squeezed into a size 10 swimsuit. Gotta keep working on that!

My goals for months 6-7 postpartum:

  • Track my calories in MFP at least 6 days/week. NO GOING OVER. If I want to drink/eat more, I must move my body more.
  • Only drink 2x/week (except for my MN trip because I freely admit I will be drinking all the beers while I am there!)
  • Keep my Fitbit average above 10k steps/day

I think my ultimate goal is going to be to get down to 150#. If I’m working out while dropping weight, that would be a fit & toned size 8/10 for me (I’m 5’8″, medium build).

You only fail if you quit trying, right?


  1. I know tracking food will help me, but I also know I will suck at it. And I am scared of seeing just how many calories I consume. Right now I’m just trying to add a salad with dinner, drink at least 48oz, and walk 9k steps every day.

    I love your swimsuit!! I hope you have fun on your trip 🙂

    1. I drink almost 100oz of water a day when I’m breastfeeding or I’m parched and eat ALL THE THINGS. I’d definitely recommend upping your water intake.

      Tracking is definitely an eye opener. I don’t want to track forever, but it’s definitely a good reminder of what a portion size is and how to choose healthier foods.

      1. Tracking is the key to success for me! The days I don’t track, it’s almost like I think (and act) like I’m on vacation. I have 400 calories left for today and I’m wondering how I’ll use them wisely.

        1. I only had a few hundred left as well, so I just went on a run to get myself some extra calories for tonight. 🙂

  2. I suck at commenting but I still read your posts from my phone. Anyways I recently went to a nutritionist and it changed my life I work out a lot I do Crossfit and run in my days off and saw NO progress I was eating low carbs but now I eat according to my macros, basically I watch ALL my macronutrients that is fats, carbs, proteins. Basically I was eating way to many fats and not fueling my body with carbs. I lost 6lbs in 3 weeks by eating…a lot. Before I was starving basically now I feel so amazing! I calculate everything in my fitness pal. There are websites to figure out your macros. Have fun this summer! We will be on vacation the same time in Iowa and South Dakota. Oh and I love all the pics you little ones look like twins as babies, cute!!

    1. Oooh- thanks for this reminder. I used to be better about macros, but i need to get back into that. I think I’m too low on carbs and too high on fat as well. I shoot for a 40/30/30 ratio (carb/fat/protein) but usually end up around 30/40/30, which I know isn’t good. Time to switch things up!

      1. This is my problem too.

  3. That is the hottest swimsuit ever!!! Where did you buy it?? And also, why can’t I have your boobs? See you soon!

    1. I found it new with tags on Ebay – it’s a DKNY suit. $108 MSRP, but I can guarantee you I didn’t spend that much on it! I really like it honestly – you can tell it’s a nice suit when you put it on. I can’t wait until I fit in it a little better. 🙂 I wanted something sexier on top if I was going to cave and buy a one piece – plus it’s easy to nurse in!

      Also, if I weighed as little as you I wouldn’t have any boobs either! LOL

  4. You look great! It is a tough journey, keep up the hard work!!!

  5. Oh, you have balls to post those pics! I envy you your courage. (I will be posting similar pics soon… and I have anxiety thinking about it).

    Great work! I am 1 pound from pre-pregnancy weight and Bryson is 1 year. It’s been way harder this time. Him weaning himself isn’t helping with calories. Way to go hitting pre-preg weight by 6 months. Woo hoo!

    1. Ya, my finger hovered for a bit before hitting publish on this one. Why is it so damn scary? It’s not like y’all haven’t seen a million pictures of me before!

      1# from pre-preg weight is awesome! We’re gonna look HOT this fall! 🙂

  6. mcmissis · · Reply

    That bathing suit is GORGEOUS. I’m still waaaay above where I want to be, but I just won’t change my eating habits. Every time I look at a scale, I think, “Ugh. That sucks. But I know I’m not doing anything to change it.” Just wait for it to come off is not working as well this time 🙂

  7. You look amazing! I’m 4 months postpartum and spending way too much time in a bathing suit these days!

    It’s taking me a lot longer to lose the baby weight the second time around. And, I’m pretty sure there are parts of me that I’ll never feel good about again.

    I still have about five pounds I should lose (and 10 I’d like to lose!) so I have a bit of work to do.

  8. Love the new suit! Good luck getting to your goal by August! Post lots of IG pics of your blog meetup so I can live vicariously.

  9. elizabeth · · Reply

    That new suit was made for you!!! I love it!

  10. Dude. All I see is hot boobs. That is all.

  11. Love the suit! You look awesome.

    Have you ever done a post about how you did so well with pregnancy weight gain? If not, you should. I’m 35 and pregnant with #3. Really trying not to gain the 40+ pounds I did with each of my first two!

    1. Hm, no, I never have, probably b/c it was part luck with genetics and part hard work & it’s hard to lay that out in a post. I was so sick in the beginning of both pregnancies that I barely gained any weight (puking all day every day will do that to ya), and then not drinking alcohol cuts out a LOT of extra cals that are normally in my life, plus I work out (run/walk/etc) as long as possible the entire pregnancy. I think it’s just a perfect storm of factors that I’m able to pretty easily stay in that 20-25# range.

  12. I love the suit too! I just think it’s great that you do everything you do – tracking, watching what you eat, exercising, holding yourself accountable on here, the whole thing. And I know this is early, but have a wonderful time on your trip!!

  13. LOVE the suit!! Boobs look great! 😉 Can’t wait for August!!

  14. I’m so impressed by your courage! I have just embarked on a exercise plan and have been meaning to post… I HAVE the swimsuit pictures, but do I post them?! I also am in search of a cute one piece. Yours is adorable and I do think your boobs look great!

    1. Dude – it was SCARY to post those swimsuit pics, even though I post weight loss pics all the time. Isn’t that odd?! I’d love to read an update on what you’re doing. That bootcamp you did last year sounded amazing!

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  16. Cute swimsuit! I laughed at your graph. You are amazingly disciplined! I can’t quite bring myself to really buckle down and eat clean for a week in order to lose weight.

    1. Ha! I rarely find the discipline to do it, but I never regret it when I do. It’s amazing what buckling down for a couple of weeks does for me…and how hard it is for me to do it anyway. 🙂

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