The Monday Snapshot – Slip’n’Slide Edition


Showing Stella the ropes at our friend’s beach themed party last weekend. She wasn’t impressed. Harv laughed. #GoodTimes



  2. mcmissis · · Reply

    Oh man, I was so hoping you’d post this! I saw you tagged in it 🙂

    Gracie and Lyla had their first slip n slide experience on Saturday, too! I’ll give you one guess how Gracie felt about it. Lyla said, “me no like it. Me get hair wet.” Hahahaha

  3. Esperanza · · Reply

    AWESOME SAUSE! I love slip n’ slide. Best things ever. Not as forgiving on the middle aged body though… 😉

  4. Awesome! The few slip ‘n slide experiences I’ve had an adult were more painful than fun. #oldlady

    1. Ha! I was at that perfect drunk – maybe 4 beers deep – where I was relaxed and 100% committed without being sloppy. You know the point – where you rock at pool or darts before your game goes downhill? It was perfect. 🙂

  5. I love this! I say to my husband all the time that I can’t wait till our little one gets a bit older so we can get a slip n slide! I’m sure it’s going to hurt a lot more then when I was a kid when I run and jump onto the hard ground though. :/

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