Well, this is just going to be a quick check in from my work computer because DAMMIT if my hard disk didn’t fail on my laptop this past week. 10 days of vacation + 1 week so far of no computer at home = an unintentionally long blog break. Thank GOD I was still able to access my files via safe mode start-up, so I was able to get all of my pictures, documents, etc. off the old hard disk. Here’s your PSA for the day – BACK UP YER SHIT before you regret it!

Happy Friday! More to come soon from the land of crawlers and big bed sleepers. Life, it is a changin’ over here!





  1. mcmissis · · Reply

    I’ve been waiting for a vacation post! Stella looks so old in her big girl bed. And happy 🙂

  2. Oh boy… Busy times there!

    Why were you and Slese cursed with early crawlers for #2? Man alive, I was sooooo grateful that Bryson didn’t crawl or walk early! Matthew did both really young and it was exciting. This time – I was NOT ready!

    Happy big girl bed sleeping!

  3. Noooo!

    Big girl bed!! Yay!

  4. I love that photo of Stella on the cot I have always loved the spotty bed linen!

  5. Oh my goodness! How cute! Both of your kids look so grown-up and so adorable. (-:

  6. I am always so nervous about losing my pictures. I just moved about 1500 pictures off my phone last week and guess what, my phone totally died on Saturday. SO thankful I had done that, but I’m still afraid of losing the external hard drive or it breaking too.

    1. Ya, I keep a copy on my computer and a copy on my external hard drive. I should also find somewhere online to back things up I suppose.

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