The Monday Snapshot – Little Rocker Edition

Lately Harvey loves to stand around and head bang. No, seriously. He will stand and hold onto the couch, the stool, whatever is near him, and then head bang. Between the head banging and the spikey hair, he is totally our little rocker! When I was pregnant with Stella we always called her “Rockstar” because she was the result of my one rockstar egg we had that cycle. In reality, I think Harvey will be more of the rocker in this family, especially when he’s decked out in adorable t-shirts like the one my blog friend just sent me. 😉



  1. mcmissis · · Reply

    Whaaaaa? He doesn’t look like he’s holding onto anything here!


    1. Yeah, I stood him up against the couch and let go, and he just kept standing so I took the pics! He’s getting really steady on his feet already, it’s insane. I’m guessing he’ll be walking way earlier than Stella did. He already pulls up to standing all the time on stuff and lets go with one hand all the time to play with stuff.


      1. mcmissis · · Reply

        OMG RIGHT after I posted this, Poppy pulled up for the first time!


  2. Love that hair! looks like he’s dancing, very cool.



  3. I can’t believe he’s just standing!! He is a rockstar and a superstar!!!


  4. Seriously! Damn cute kid.


  5. lparsons15 · · Reply

    he absolutely blows me away with his cuteness!


  6. I LOVE HIS HAIR!!! That’s so awesome he is standing on his own. L is just starting to sit up on his own unsupported. It’s weird to me because G was already standing and cruising at this point 🙂


  7. He is awesome- a rock star for sure!


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