WWW Check-In: 8.5 Months Postpartum

Well, I’m 2 weeks 1 day into my 4 week DietBet weight loss challenge and 3.5 weeks into my 6 week MILF workout challenge, and things aren’t looking so hot for me to hit my weight loss goal. It’s possible, but not probable.

  • Starting Weight: 160.4
  • Current Weight: 157.4
  • Goal Weight: 154.0

Yes, it looks like I’m almost halfway there, but really I’ve been hanging out in the 157-158 range for most of those first two weeks, and it will take some serious diet changes to drop those last 3.4#. I just don’t think that will happen in two weeks because I’ve been eating extra calories because my milk supply has taken a hit and I’m not willing to feed my baby formula just so I can lose weight more quickly.


However, I am stoked to be hanging out in the 150s because a (semi!) toned 157 looks HELLA better than a not-working-out 167. When I worked out a ton for a couple of years in college, I was pretty fit and always weighed about 147-149 and felt great, so that’s my final goal (remember I’m 5’8″). I’m trying to be okay with the 150s for now though, because I only have a short time to get cuddles and nursing time with my baby, and I need to not lose sight of that. I am healthy, my BMI is back in the normal range (23.9), and I’m doing really well at being more active and getting my workouts in, so I’m happy with that.

IMG_5151Last night I jumped on the elliptical for 30 minutes after dinner because I just hadn’t been able to drag myself out of bed in the morning to workout, and I was watching The Biggest Loser while I exercised. I love watching that show while I’m on the elliptical, because it always makes me push myself harder than I would if I was watching reality TV or the like. 🙂 At any rate, at one point one of the red team members was pushing through a workout with his team, and he said:

Everyone wants to be under the lights on Friday night, but they don’t want to work out in the living room on Tuesday.

How awesome is that?! It made me feel good that I was making the effort to workout in my bedroom on a Tuesday night so that I’d feel better in my new dress at my friend’s wedding this coming Friday night! The dress is much shorter than anything I’d normally wear, but options were limited and I wanted to wear something new for once!

The only excuse you have is the one you make. — Dolvett, The Biggest Loser

How is everyone else doing with their health and fitness journeys lately?



  1. The color of that dress is perfection. I think you look amazing, and that comparing yourself to a college you who worked out a ton is unfair. So awesome about Biggest Loser. When it started, I was in college and before it actually premiered but they were already hyping it up, my friends and I thought it was called Big Fat Loser, and we were like, “That is so mean!” Hahaha

    1. I don’t expect to have the exact same shape as my college self after birthing 2 children, but I DID eat better, drink less, and exercise more frequently back then, which are all habits I could adopt now, even as a 32 year old mom of 2. 🙂

      1. Well… I won’t argue with that. 😉

  2. You look amaaaaaazing. 🙂

    1. Thanks. 🙂

  3. You’ve got great legs for that dress! Well done on the length – looks great!

    I agree that “mom you” can’t compare herself to ” college you.”. That was a different time, different priorities. For a nursing, WORKING mom, you have really kicked ass here. It’s hard to find the time when you get up for, or home from, a job each day. If I didn’t have the double nap time and preschool time, I couldn’t do what I’m doing. I just couldn’t!

    1. True, i definitely struggle getting exercise in when I’m sitting in a desk job 9 hours a day. It’s hard to find the time to juggle everything, but (most days) it really is just about priorities.

      1. Priorities yes… And you’re a great mom who knows that it’s ok to skip a workout to spend precious time with her kids! You’ve got your priorities straight!

      2. Yes. Work days are hard. I’ve been making myself exercise at least once on a Monday Tuesday Wednesday but work days gah I’m knackered!!

  4. Smoking SMOKING legs

  5. I haven’t updated on this topic on my own blog, but I achieved my goal weight at exactly 6 months post-partum (my phone is trying to autocorrect that to post-pattymelt!). Then I continued to lose weight and am now 5 lbs under my goal weight and 20 lbs under my pre-pregnancy weight. Breastfeeding is great! I’m an one of those people, yes I know, that has to do nothing to lose the pregnancy weight as long as I breastfeed. I had no idea that it would be this way because I had such a hard time before pregnancy.
    Love that dress by the way. Perfect color and length.

    1. I dropped the pregnancy weight in 2 weeks with #2, ending up 25# under my pre-pregnancy weight once I stopped nursing. #2 was not as easy. I hope you don’t go through what many of us do on baby #2… It was SHOCKING! 😁

  6. Damn lady!!! You are looking gooood! That dress looks amazing on you. Love the colour! I agree, definitely not worth it to let your milk supply drop in order to lose a few extra pounds right now. You will get there soon enough but babies are only babies for a little while.

  7. I have been pretty “lucky” to lose all my baby weight by 4-6 months postpartum….I am almost 5’9″ and 127-130lbs. About a size 4 or a 6. My 4 kids are 5, 4, 2.5 and 8 months. I was super skinny before my first (all genetics lol!) but now I think I look more “healthy.”

    Also despite being slender and eating somewhat healthy, I would love to tone my stomach and arms 🙂

    Breastfeeding all 4 has helped overall also with the weight loss 🙂

    You look awesome!

  8. Josie- you look fabulous! I love the dress! Keep up the good work girl! You are definitely inspiring me… I am just on hold for a few more months. I just bought a gym membership on groupon to start a bootcamp as soon as I am released from the doctor. I am expecting mid January and I will be on my way!

    1. Kelly! Great to hear from you. How is this pregnancy going? I miss updates from you!

      1. Pregnancy is going good. I have been swamped at work so my updates are not happening! Hoping things slow down soon!!! I have a couple of posts I want to do – like Ava potty training herself!!!

  9. Josey, You look GORGEOUS. Your legs are so beautiful and muscular! Go girl.

    I’ve worked out a total of 8 times since Eva was born 8 months ago. I’ve been pretty good about doing yoga most days, although not lately. And I eat whatever I feel like, whenever. So it’s no surprise that I’m still pretty squishy and squeezing into my pre-pregnancy clothes just barely. All things considered, I feel good about my body, but I miss being strong and fit and feeling like my clothes actually fit me instead of like I can’t freaking breathe when I’m wearing them and they leave horrible marks on my skin after I take them off. I can’t figure out how to fit in workouts with a baby who still nurses every two hours and REFUSES to take a bottle or paci. Our neighborhood is crap and not at all where you want to take a baby for walks. So I guess I need to be more conscientious about what I eat. BUT I LOVE FOOD. Ugh.

    1. Hahaha. Yeah, if you can’t do the workouts, the food is where it’s at. Well, either way the food is where it’s at – you can’t outwork a crappy diet. 🙂

      That’s a bummer Eva won’t take a bottle so you could get a break from time to time. We started both kids on bottles at 3.5-4 weeks because I was petrified of that happening! Is there a local gym where you could walk Ava maybe? Otherwise home workout videos are where it’s at for me- it’s about the only way I get a workout in with both kids at home with me! Harvey looks at me likes I’m crazy and laughs and claps his hands, and Stella “works out” with me. It’s pretty adorable. 🙂

  10. you are smokin’. xo

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