The Monday Snapshot – Fearless Edition

Stella has always been a very cautious child. She is a social butterfly and very outgoing, but she has also always been very purposeful & thoughtful about her physical actions. This means that we have never really been helicopter parents with her at all because we knew that she was pretty darn good about knowing her physical limits. For example, were comfortable never gating the bottom of the stairs because we simply taught her how to go down them once she started going up them, and we never worried about her climbing on things because once she was finally interested in climbed anything, she was old enough to figure out how to get back down safely as well.

Lately though, that has most definitely changed! I don’t know if it’s just because she’s approaching the age of 3 (just 7 weeks from now!), because she’s more confident in her physical abilities or what, but lately she just GOES. It’s honestly pretty fun to see her really blossoming on the playground! Yesterday I packed up the kids to go to the town 10 minutes over to hit up the hot springs, and when we got there the hot springs were closed for fall cleaning (BOO). Stella was mightily disappointed, but luckily the sadness was eased with 30 minutes of playing on the adjacent playground in swimsuits until I forced her to get back in the car because her teeth were chattering from the cold!


  1. Matthew became more confident and daring this past spring, so right around the exact same age that Stella is now. It was a complete 180, and he could do everything on the playground. Terrifying! It still is. 😁. You’re going to have your hands full… She’s already quite confident!

    Way to challenge yourself, Stella! BIG KID STATUS!

  2. So… I have some climbing gear I’m wanting to part with. Think Stella would be interested?

  3. mcmissis · · Reply

    I remember SO well the first time Gracie climbed all the way up that same rock wall (a thousand miles away.) Terrified. And a little proud. Who knows how she felt? 😉

  4. You łive in such a beautiful place, seriously! At first glance I wondered if Stella was in her underwear, so I’m glad I read more. She looks like she’s having the time of her life! So cute.

  5. I know you’ve mentioned before that Sofia reminds you of Stella. I have to agree because Sofia is a maniac about the rock walls. And that is some impressive swinging!! Sofia always wants to go higher, but it makes me nervous, especially on the big kid swings.

    And, yeah – GORGEOUS backdrop.

  6. I feel I could write this exact post about Taylor!

    Plus holy beautiful background scenery, batman!

  7. I feel like Aiden has really become more of a dare devil this fall. I’m not sure if it has something to do with him starting preschool or turning 3, but the other day I looked outside in our backyard and he was STANDING on top of his playhouse trying to sweep the roof. I freaked out! He has never been a climber, but now he looks to find the things he can climb at the playground too. Our kids are just growing up!

  8. It’s so funny… as others have mentioned, HGB started to actually *touch* the playgroud and then proceed to climb all over it in short order right before he turned 3. That swing picture makes me want to barf though! SO HIGH!!!! Go Stella!

    1. Ha, I hear ya on the swing. Charlie started giving her underdogs and she LOVES it. Now her new thing is to lean forward and “fly” — so in this pic it looks like she’s going to fall out, but really with centrifugal force (not to mention her legs through the tiny leg holes) she’s fine. Still freaky to look at the photo though!

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