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I still want to work on writing up a post about HOW we did the transition to a shared bedroom for the kids. Honestly, it has gone pretty smoothly over the past three months – much less difficult than I was anticipating, thank goodness.

Until then, here are a few photos that I took a couple of months ago of the little room we (literally) built for two. It’s still pretty girlie since we originally thought Stella would be an only child when we decorated it, but I’m sure we’ll add more touches of Harvey as he grows up. We are happy that it’s a small space that is more focused on calming activities like books, stuffed animals, and sleep. We have a small house, and I didn’t want their bedroom to be another high energy play area, you know? I love how it turned out and that we can keep our spare bedroom as an office space / guest bedroom!


Playing with the panoramic setting on my phone camera…

How about you?

  • Do your kids share a room or not?
  • If you don’t have kids yet, do you plan on them sharing a room some day if you have two or more?
  • Does it matter to you if they are different sexes?
  • Did you share a room as a kid?


  1. I shared a room with my sister from the age of 16 months (when she was born) to the age of 12 when we moved. It was fine until about the age of 10 when I wanted some privacy and a place to play with my friends away from her (“it’s my bedroom too you know!” Was her frequent refrain). Then my older brother offered to switch beds with me for a night once in a while, because he had his own room with a tv, so that I could get away from her. We were all born within 4 years of each other so it worked out nicely. Whereas I’m sure he wouldn’t have wanted to share a room with her all the time, once in a while wasn’t so bad. Then we moved and each got our own room, and I got a full sized bed, my room became the guest room whenever anyone stayed over and I would have to go sleep on the extra twin bed in my sisters room (my old bed).

    1. I think I was around age 10 when I wanted my own room as well, and I literally cleaned out a little storage room / walk in closet kind of area that fit my twin bed + end table and that was it. I was just so stoked to have my own space that it was worth it! 🙂

  2. mcmissis · · Reply

    Stella’s little bed is so cute! All my girls have their own room, and I mostly had my own after we moved to this town when I was six. My sister and I shared a room for a very brief amt of time and made mine a playroom. Idk why we switched back to having our own, if I didn’t like it or my parents or what. I’ll have to ask my mom bc now I’m interested 🙂 I’m glad the transition has gone so well for you!

  3. My kids have their own rooms and we have a few extra bedrooms if an “accident” comes along, but I see no problem with sharing rooms. You did a great job! (and panoramic photos are so fun!)

    Growing up, my brother (16 months younger than me) would share a room with me in the winter since my room was COOOOOLD. We did this until we were 10 and 9. Right up to that point, it was fun and we had no problems, but I was certainly glad to get my own room (we moved when I was 10) as a teenager!

    1. Yeah, I shared with 2 of my siblings until around age 10 if I remember right. Once I started getting breasts I got SUPER private and wanted my own space. 🙂

  4. Love their room! It is so cute and works perfectly for two. Lids and Ez will share their room for a while… when I see a while, possibly until they are 18 haha. It is small but it works. Everyone here shares rooms so it isn’t odd at all and for that reason, I would hope they won’t moan about it since their friends will all be in the same boat. Many whole families share rooms (and beds) so they are actually pretty lucky in that way. I never shared a room with my brother but sometimes we would ask to share for a night or two just for fun. Glad to hear the transition is going well so far for your two! 🙂

    1. Ha – I thought about you when I wrote this and that your girls probably share an even smaller room!

  5. I love that room! It’s very warm.

    we were planning on the boys sharing if we had a third, but now that we’re settled on the family we have, they’ll likely have their own rooms. If they want to share, I’ll let them! My two nieces asked to share a room and it’s been wonderful! I shared a room until I was 14. My two sisters rotated in and out, but I stayed put. I LOVED it. I don’t think it ever bothered me until I was 12 or 13, and even then, I didn’t complain until mom and dad wanted to move and I said, “if so, then I get my own room.”. Wish granted! But my sister and I always shared when we’d come home from college. We love each other!

    I have no qualms about kids sharing rooms. I think it’s actually a gift that they don’t recognize until it’s gone!

  6. When I had 3 they all had their own rooms, but then with #4 we now have 2 of the boys sharing 🙂

    My 5.5 and 2.5 year old boys share, my daughter has her own room and the baby has his own room. Eventually we will probably have my oldest have his own room again and the younger 2 boys share since they are 21 months apart. So far they love sharing! And it works out since my oldest is in K all day his brother can nap.

    I was going to comment separately on the being done having babies, but I will just add here we were great with 3, but my older 2 are super close in age and do everything together. Having a fourth and the younger 2 being 21 months apart I hope they will share the same bond. I come from a large family also and wanted 3-4 kids. Yes it is a lot and not for everyone but I can’t imagine it any other way!

  7. I think the room looks great – first I loved it as Stella’s room and now as a shared room with her and Harvey. And you know it warms my heart to see those prints up. 🙂 My kids don’t share a room and probably never will. In our new house they will each have their own rooms, but they will be next to each other. I didn’t share a room growing up and neither did JJ so I’m not familiar with it at all. I’m glad to hear the transition went much better than you expected though and I have a feeling it will bring S and H that much closer together. At what age do you think S will need her own room?

    1. I love those prints, Steph! I need to update the photos between them to be birth photos of both kids too. People always compliment us on them!

      I’m leaving them together as long as possible. 🙂 I shared with one of my sisters and my brother until around age 10 – we’ll see if we make it that long.

  8. My babies share a space, but Braxton is hardly in there right now because he’s only 7 months old. I have kept the decor pretty gender neutral for them both though. I love what you did to your kids’ space.

    My parents didn’t have a lot of money so for a great deal of my childhood, I shared a room with three brothers and sisters… then it was my sister and the two boys were in another room.

  9. the room is so cute! I love it! Our kids don’t share rooms right now, though if we have another, they will. I shared a room with my sister until I was in 7th grade, lived in the back of a semi trailer in a shop (one room) with my whole family for a year while our house was being built (all 6 of us – that was interesting), then had my very own room for 4 years. I had a hard time adjusting to having my own room, tough time sleeping for the most part. I remember my sister and I fighting a bit over “sides” and music, but for the most part we got along and sharing was fine!

  10. kaseypowers · · Reply

    I have this post on my list of things to write too. The boys share an 8 x 10 room and a dresser (Rob and I keep off season clothes in their closet). And I keep all but one small basket of toys in there… It works. And the transition to sharing was really a non-issue. Simon talks in his sleep, so sometimes when I go in because Caleb is fussing Simon will be comforting him in his sleep talk. 🙂
    I had my own room from age 7 when we built our house. I think I only knew one kid growing up who shared a room through high school.

  11. I know I’m late to this – but I want that post on HOW you did it! Cutest room ever. Interested in how it works with a wakeful baby and a sleeping preschooler (or vice versa?)??

    1. I know I know! I will write this post soon, I promise!

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