For 284 days, Harvey grew into a strong, healthy little boy inside my belly.


1 minute old

For 284 days, Harvey has now been living & breathing & growing on the outside of my belly as the perfect addition to our little family.


9 months old


I had intended to write a big post today reminiscing about our amazing home birth experience, but when I started looking for pictures I could use, all I could think about was how much I wished Jaime had gotten more than 62 days on Earth with chances to cuddle her nephew.

Just over 4 hours old. She was so excited to meet him...

Just over 4 hours old. She was so excited to meet him…

12 days old

12 days old – loving the snuggles

47 days old...the last time Jaime came over and hung out with us.

47 days old…the last picture I ever got to take of them together


  1. Oh Jos 😢😢 somedays they just whack you in the belly. I’m so sorry she’s not here. Your kids will always know her though from the amazing photos you took and through the stories you tell xx


  2. mcmissis · · Reply

    Wow, I had forgotten she was here then. It seems like she’s been gone for a long time to me 😦 She must miss him so much.

    And he already looks like himself at 47 days old! Crazy!!!


  3. Oh Jos, I am so sorry she isn’t around to spend more time with him, with Stella, with all of you. But so thankful that she was here to meet him, if only for a short time. That last photo of them together is just perfect. So much love in her eyes looking up at him.


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