The Monday Snapshot – Halloween Comparison Photo Edition

You know me, always up for some good comparison photos. 🙂

You know me - I always have to do a comparison photo. :)

Stella (2012) and Harvey (2014) – Harvey’s mane is au natural… 😉

The cutest little puppy dog & lion evaaa!

The cutest little puppy dog & lion evaaa!


  1. They are both so adorable and cozy looking in their costumes!

  2. They really are super adorable. I love your comparison shots. I’ve done a number as well, but my kids don’t look nearly as alike as yours do. 🙂

    And, yes, I, too, forget how close in age our boys are! A month and a day, I think?

  3. So cute!! I agree with Fiona, they do look cozy! I haven’t really done any comparison pictures, but when I look back at G’s it freaks me out how much L looks like him at the same age.

    This also reminds me that I need to finish my Halloween post!

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