Anniversaries & Bullet Points

WordPress sent me a little note this morning that it was 3 years ago that I registered this blog address. That is craaazy! I actually started MCVOT 5 years ago on Novomber 10th, 2009 over on blogger (ps, SO glad I made the move – if you’re still on blogger, you shouldn’t be, seriously) and it feels pretty crazy to think I’ve been writing in a public space on the internet for over half a decade. That’s a lot of oversharing! It’s also a lot of friendship building, accountability holding, knowledge sharing and everything else. I can’t imagine my last 5 years of life without y’all in it. Many of you know more about me than me “real life” friends – it’s funny how that works.

At any rate, I don’t have much time today, so here are a few bullet points about life right now.

  • Weight Loss: Since this started as a weight loss blog, I should probably include this in my 5 year anniversary post! I’ve been REALLY slacking in the past month, and it’s showing in the tightness of my clothes that were all finally fitting again. Boo! On the upside, after seeing 162.4# on the scale on Monday (my line in the sand is 160), eating well Tuesday, and being super sick on Wednesday, I’m back down to 158.5# this morning. However, getting sick is obviously not how I’d like to keep my weight under control! It’s time to get back at it with fitness. I’m really struggling with balance since I’m extra busy at work and the days are so much shorter so I want to sleep so much more. Somehow I need to carve out some “me” time for exercise though.
  • Overall Health: Not so great. I keep having this weird thing happen to me about 3am where I wake up shivering and shaking. I put on sweatshirt, wrap myself up in an extra warm blanket, and make Charlie cuddle with me, but nothing helps. After a couple of hours of misery, I usually try to get up, get lightheaded, puke, have whole body aches, a horrible headache, etc., and by morning I’m in a puddle of sweat. It’s horrible. This has happened 5x in the past few months, and the last two times were only 2 weeks apart (most recently yesterday). Unfortunately they’ve been increasing in intensity every time, and yesterday I couldn’t even get out of bed all day. *sigh* So I don’t know… all of my blood work has been normal, and my doctor (and boss) is going to give me some migraine meds to try next time I wake up feeling like this, and we’ll see if that helps at all. Has anyone else experienced anything like this? I’m 10 months postpartum (no period yet), have a non-hormonal IUD in, and am still breastfeeding, so I guess it could be partly hormonal, but I don’t know? I think my immune system is just really weak right now, but it sucks to be getting so sick all of the time.
  • Kids: They are fantastic. Harvey is 10 months old already! He is a crawling, furniture cruising machine, and he takes a couple of steps from time to time. He calls me Mama (yay!) and is sleeping pretty well (usually one wake-up around 4-5am). Stella is hysterical, full of imaginative stories and ideas. She is also incredibly trying, and it’s not uncommon for her me or her Dad to stop into our room at night muttering dammit she pisses me off after the 900th time of putting her back in bed. She is a boundary pushing, incredibly frustrating, amazing almost 3-year-old. 🙂
  • Work: Still insanely busy for me. I have about a month of this left, so I’m just trying to hang in there. Charlie, unfortunately, has the opposite issue. Yesterday he got laid off for the foreseeable future (UGH) so we are scrambling for him to find odd jobs to make ends meet. Please keep us in your thoughts and we try to keep things together on that front. I hate stressing about money. Hate it. This is also a good reminder that we need to work on our savings account once we are both working again so that this isn’t sure a stressor in our lives.

So there ya go, the bare bones update. I have so many things I want to write about, and no time to do any of it right now. I’m guessing that will remain the case for the next month, but I hope to be back here and posting more regularly soon! Miss you guys…


A post isn’t complete without a cute photo of one of my kids, right? 🙂



  1. Oh my gosh, Josie, that sounds awful how you have been feeling physically on and off for a couple of months now! 🙁 I really hope it sorts its self out soon because I can’t imagine the extra work load, two littles AND dealing with that. Glad to hear the kiddos are doing great though. Stella sounds exactly like Lids right now… an amazing little handful! 😉 So sorry to hear about Charlie getting laid off. Are you getting paid extra while your co-worker is out? Hope so since it sounds like double the work, right? Ugg, I hate worrying about money too and yet I always am. Wish it didn’t have to be that way. I am really trying to budget things and plan ahead better which is helping a bit, but still, money = stress! Hoping Charlie is back to work again soon! Oh and finally… happy 5 years!!! That is awesome! 🙂

  2. Miss you too!

    so sorry to hear about Charlie’s job. That sucks, big time. Money stress is the worst… I hate it. It clouds everything until it’s put to rest. Ugh.

    You sound so busy. I hope things calm down soon and you can figure out what’s going on with those wake ups. Honestly, I think it’s anxiety. Hottie experiences something similar, and we’re told it’s stress.


  3. Happy blogaversary! I just looked yesterday and saw my first post was Nov. 8 of that year. Can you believe we were only two days apart????

    That really sucks about your health issue. I have something a little similar happen to me. Have had it for more than 10 years now, and it definitely gets much more frequent when things are crazy and I’m overtired. I hope you can find a solution quickly.

    You know not to get me started when it comes to putting a toddler back in bed 😉

    I’m so sorry about Charlie’s work 🙁 That must be so hard on you guys. It seems like your area has a lot of great winter activity; so hopefully something will come up for him to stay busy until next construction season.

    1. You, Ann (bradshaw) and Christina (Junket Juice) were the 3 people I’ve followed since the very beginning. I’m so thankful you’re still here and blogging along with me!

  4. Your health issue doesn’t sound fun at all! JJ struggles with migraines and although some of his symptoms sounds like yours, he doesn’t usually get them in the middle of the night and isn’t sweaty. But if that’s what it is, he has good luck with the migraine medicine as long as he takes it in time. He’s also found relief with peppermint essential oil.

    Of all times of year to be laid off, right before the holidays is certainly not a good time. I’ll be thinking of you guys and hoping he gets something else quickly. We need to work on building our savings back up too, but again, this time of year is hard to start.

    Looking forward to this month flying by for you and getting back to your regular posts on here about your sweet family and adorable kiddos!!

  5. Crap about the work 😢 is it because of the cooler weather? If we lived in the same country we could totally help given same industry 😔 something should come up I’m sure with his skills and reputation it won’t be long. Big hugs xx

    1. Ya, things slow down in the winter here, and the economy just isn’t fully recovered here yet (b/c of the wealth in this area, the recession hit us later but we are recovering later than most of the country too). Every year is a bit better, but ya… this sucks.

  6. Lyla saw me scroll through this and said, ” I SEE A CUTE BOY!!” Hahahaha

  7. Ugh, so sorry to hear about this health issue. That must be scary. I hope you feel better soon. So glad that H is sleeping again. Sounds like Stella is pulling some almost 3 shenanigans – I think we can all relate to your comments!! Hope that you guys get back into a groove soon – less work for you, and more work for C. Hugs.

  8. Wow, I hope you figure out what’s going on. Occasional middle of the night pukes are no fun at all (I have them too but they seem to be cycle-related for me). Happy blogoversary!

  9. Esperanza · · Reply

    Man, your life sounds so stressful right now. I hope you’re getting some financial compensation for all the extra work you’re doing–it sounds like A LOT. I also hope you figure out what is going on physically. I hate when my body is doing things I don’t understand. It’s so stressful. I hope you start feeling better soon, and that life slows down a bit for you.

    1. Ha, I wish. Nope. That being said, I’m wishing I had been more appreciative of the person who covered for ME during my maternity leave back in Jan/Feb of this year!

  10. Crap, Josey, that health issue sounds annoying and frustrating and kinda scary. I really hope you get it figured out soon. I guess, yeah, it could be hormones, but sheesh! If it becomes more common or frequent you’ve got to get checked out!

    Sorry to hear about Charlie’s job. I hope you guys can get some other things lined up to get through the winter and that 2015 is better.

    Harvey is adorable. I cannot believe he’s walking. Did Stella walk this early? I don’t think it’ll be too long before Andy is up and mobile on 2 feet, but I’m in no hurry! Also, the bedtime struggles sound familiar. Sofia thinks up every excuse to not sleep. Also, I know I say damnit too much because Sofia copies me and in the right context. Luckily she says, “minute!!” which just makes me giggle.

    1. Stella didn’t take steps until around 12mo and walked consistently around 13mo – he’s definitely on the early side!

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