The Monday Snapshot – Forcing Thankfulness to the Forefront

Okay, I had a really, really shitty morning after a pretty crappy night. I even typed up an entire post about this shit-tastic morning. And then I deleted it.

I’ve worked really hard at culling the negative friendships from my life the past few years (and by worked really hard, I mean I have let those relationships fade into the distance and made more of an effort to surround myself with positive, encouraging, supportive people). The last 24 hours have not felt like that though, and it has been really frustrating to me and I’ve let it get to me. That needs to change.

SO – in the spirit of the sermon at church yesterday – I am going to write down all of the things that I am thankful for so far today in an effort to change my mindset for this week. So here it is…

  • Stella’s fancy new alarm clock worked like a charm last night. Sure I had to get up 3 times because she was crying for me… but I had to get up because she did not leave her bed once before the light turned green this morning. Fingers crossed it keeps working!
  • We are blessed with a fantastic Nanny who I know will take care of my children with more patience that I could have today. I’m seriously so thankful to have her in our lives.
  • I have a good job that gives me some flexibility when needed – aka, I only have to work today and tomorrow, and then I’m off until next Monday! My sister & brother-in-law are getting in tomorrow (YAY!) and Charlie’s childhood buddy & his girlfriend get in Wednesday, so we will have plenty of quality time with beloved family & great friends over the upcoming week, and I can’t wait for it.
  • I just texted an apology to my husband because we were both total shits to each other this morning, and he was gracious in his response. Any exchange that ends with an “I love you too” is a worthwhile one in my book.

Back to work with (hopefully) a better outlook on the day thanks to these littles in my life…



  1. I basically have no friends (ok I have a few, but we’ve been friends since the. very. beginning. so they feel more like family than friends.) I just realized in high school that I have absolutely no patience or forgiveness in me for anything less than great friends. This is not a cautionary tale. I am so much happier (in this arena) than some close to me who have to deal with friendship drama. All this to say, you are don’t deserve anything less than good people as good friends. You’re making the right decision letting everything else slip away. Keep on keeping on.

    As for the rest of this post, awesome. Hopefully the forced positive becomes more natural throughout the rest of the day. If not, you are still better off trying, than not.

    1. Yeah, I have just a handful of VERY close friends left in my circle now, and I like it that way. Some great people I’ve drifted from just b/c of life (not because I think they’re drama or negative!), but overall, I find it difficult to keep up with more than a few close friends anyway.

  2. This is good good good. And something I needed to read right now as I nearly boil over from a bedtime battle. I don’t have patience either. Good to know I’m not the only one (see also: baths!!). But it’s a CHOICE!! I’m terrible about apologies but recently have realized how silly that is. The other morning I said to nacho, “okay, I’m sorry, you’re sorry. It’s done.” And it was. So much better to just move forward.

    Happy feels-like-a-Thursday-Monday!! And your littles are adorable!!!

  3. Ugh… Negative friendships. I went through a period of letting them fade and it’s been wonderful! Now, when a new friendship starts to get toxic, I cut it off at the knees. NO TIME FOR NEGATIVITY AND DRAMA. I’m sorry you had a run-in with the negativity again.

    You’re a great wife, and Charlie is a great husband! Always forgive what you’d like to be forgiven for if it was the other way around. That’s my marriage motto!

  4. Bravo on reclaiming the day!! Can be so very hard, particularly with negative forces surrounding you. It’s a very good reminder for me too.

    Now, about Stella’s alarm clock. I remember hearing about an owl that basically does the same thing. Is that what you have? Either way, glad to hear it’s working!!!!

  5. Oh man, I used to have so many crappy friends in my life. It is NOT worth it. Even though it can be difficult to lose a friend, life is WAY better without crappy drama people.
    I’m sorry you had a rough start to the week. I hope it gets better for you <3

  6. kaseypowers · · Reply

    i have a journal dedicated to this list. It’s growing slowly but a good reminder. Also I like the text apology because then we don’t have to talk about it again 🙂 sorry you had a rough morning.

    1. Haha, true, and the situation doesn’t have a chance to blow up again!

  7. Good for you for cutting out negativity- I’ve been working on this too-not necessarily with friendships, but in my thoughts and perceptions of the less than desirable parts of my life. It sounds cliche but focusing on gratitude really does work

    1. Yep! Good point that it’s about cutting out the negativity in ALL aspects of our lives. It’s not to say we can’t have sad days or frustrated days or whatever, but we CAN choose to cut out the negativity. I’m glad you’re finding that it works as well!

  8. So glad the alarm clock is working for you! We have used it since S was just over 2 and it usually really helps. Fingers crossed it will continue to be the case for you. Enjoy your upcoming time off and thanks for the reminder to be thankful amid the chaos and the ruins that are early mornings after sleep-deprived nights.

    1. Stella popped out of her room at 6:30 this morning – THE LIGHT IS GREEN!!!!! 🙂 Praying it keeps working. 🙂

  9. mylifeisaboutthejourney · · Reply

    I should have read this yesterday… I believe that I also used the same word, “shittastic” in my post. Thank you for reminding me to be thankful! Even though rough days come and go, there really is so much good in life every day if we choose to see it.

    1. Yeah, it’s all about redirecting what we are focused on. Often easier said than done, but I never regret at least trying to be happier!

  10. Some days are tough, and it seems like those days things just pile on top of each other to make it seem unbearable to get through. I’m glad you were able to take a step back, breathe, and reflect on the positives in your life right now. And sorry you had to deal with that crap in the first place…

    1. Thanks Steph ((HUGS))

  11. Love that you’re keeping the perspective. I need to do that this week as Drew has been a pissant. Like I need some whiskey each night to make it to the next day. I need to be thankful that he’s too smart for his own good and asking me questions every .2 seconds. Happy Thanksgiving Jos!

  12. I am so glad he clock is working! It still keeps Matthew in bed after a year!

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