I’ve been thinking a lot about detours lately. Detours come in many shapes and forms and can affect our career paths, our family building journeys, our friendships & relationships…and even our travel plans.

More on the deep stuff later, but in reality, we can either get frustrated as crap by the detours life throws at us – or we can sit back & enjoy the ride.

Today my sister and her husband were flying out to see us for Thanksgiving, but due to weather delays they missed their connection in Denver by the ever-frustrating 15 minutes. There was an hour of scrambling and alternative checking and swear words and tears, but at the end of it, what’s a few hundred dollars to drive 300+ miles instead to get to where you’re going, right? 😉

Can’t wait to have you here little sis! Drive safely!



  1. Oh man, I get upset when my sister who comes down almost every weekend and only lives half an hour away gets stuck in something that takes longer than expected. You never get to see yours! Yay for sister time! Boo for having to wait even longer!

  2. Oh your sister is just beautiful as well and that sucks about the missed connection!! I hope you have a lovely thanksgiving weekend full of love and laughter xx

  3. Ahhh so true JJ!! I love you, see you in a few hours 🙂 Beers and food will soak up all the anxiety lol.

  4. Ack, I hate travel detours, especially when it’s someone you haven’t seen in a while. In September my family’s flight from Chicago to Madrid was delayed a day and it KIIIIILLED me. It’s like when you really have to go to the bathroom and right before you pull your pants down it’s like you can’t possibly hold it any longer… that’s how I feel when I’m about to see family and then such a delay happens. It’s the woooorst!

    Anyway, hope little sis made it safely. Enjoy!!

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